5 Easy-To-Grow Herbs That Help Boost Your Immune System

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For ages, herbs are used in all cultures to add flavor to the food. These aromatic edibles serve as key ingredients in many dishes like salad, soup, etc. Aside from being a powerhouse ingredient in the culinary world, herbs are used for medicinal purposes.

The nutritional value of most of the herbs makes them a potent remedy for promoting health and wellness. While there are many health benefits associated with herbs, the one that makes them an absolute must-include in the diet is their ability to boost immunity.

A robust immune system is essential for maintaining health. It safeguards you from infections caused by bacteria and viruses. Therefore, they may fulfill the need to incorporate immunity-boosting ingredients like herbs in your diet. Moreover, you can effortlessly grow them at home. Here we’re sharing a list of herbs that possess innumerable health benefits and can be easily grown. 

1. Rosemary

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The fragrant herb rosemary is widely used for seasoning dishes. Aside from its pungent flavor, this herb is renowned for its many therapeutic properties. Rosemary herb looks like miniature pine and packs quite a punch when it comes to health benefits. It is a potent natural remedy for maintaining overall health, from strengthening the immune system to stimulating blood circulation. It is also a great source of minerals like iron and calcium, and vitamin B-6. 

Growing this bushy herb at home is relatively easy. All they require is 6 to 7 hours of sunlight. Plant them in your garden or put a pot on the balcony to have a versatile herb readily available. You can use it for seasoning purposes or brew a rosemary teacup to get a more robust immune system.

2. Thyme

The Mediterranean herb thyme belongs to the mint family. Due to its sweet and peppery flavor, people often use this herb in dishes like soup and stew. It blends well with different types of ingredients, making it a versatile herb.  

Aside from culinary purposes, the herb is also quite popular in folk medicine. Its ability to stimulate immune response makes it a potent natural ingredient for boosting the immune system that wards off infections. Other than that, it may also come in handy in lowering blood pressure. Additionally, you can use it to treat cough and cold.

Unlike many other herbs, thyme only requires light sunshine to grow, making it a perfect herb to grow indoors. Use a planting tray to grow and harvest thyme. Use it in your dishes to enhance the flavor and achieve significant health benefits.

3. Cannabis

With more states allowing the home growing of cannabis, it has become a sought-after herb among households. It is a well-documented fact that this flowering herb possesses a lot of health benefits. Many hemp-extracted products like CBD (cannabidiol) may be beneficial in correcting autoimmune responses.

Incorporating this powerful herb’s extracts into your lifestyle can improve overall health and induce a sense of relaxation. If you’re located in a state where growing cannabis for recreational purposes is not legal, consider getting CBD products from CBDistillery.

4. Basil

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Basil is often touted as a potent remedy in alternative medicine. While it is mainly used for combating viral infection, it is also believed to be an immunity-boosting natural compound. Aside from strengthening your body’s defense system, this herb can also lower the risk of inflammatory conditions

According to a few studies, the usage of the holy basil leads to enhanced immune response. Additionally, it possesses anti-inflammatory properties that make it a powerful remedy for people suffering from inflammatory health conditions. This wonderful herb usually thrives in a warm environment. You can grow this instantly recognizable herb indoors or outdoors and use it for food seasoning purposes to promote your health and keep infections at bay.  

5. Sage

Sage is another nutrient-rich and easy-to-grow herb that you can consider for your home garden. It serves as a staple ingredient in many cuisines around the globe. Dry or fresh sage can impart a pine-like flavor to any dish. But did you know that sage is also a powerhouse of health-benefiting properties?

There have been many studies conducted to establish the effects of this herb on the immune system. As per one similar study/trial, this aromatic herb may have immune-modulatory properties. Aside from accelerating immune response, this powerful natural ingredient’s consumption may also reduce blood sugar levels and support oral health.

The distinctive herbal aroma with hints of earthy flavor of sage makes it easily recognizable. You can plant it in a pot and keep it in the garden or balcony, as this herb requires medium to full sun to grow.


The herbs above are packed with health benefits that allow them to improve your overall health and quality of life. For ages, people have relied on these natural aids for treating various health conditions. Incorporate them into your diet to strengthen your immune system. Moreover, unlike earlier, now you can grow herbs in any part of the world. You can put them in a sunny spot and water them as per the requirement.