Helpful Tips For Moving With Kids

Moving to a new place is always a big undertaking.  There’s lots to be done to relocate yourself, and there’s even more to do when you’re moving the whole family.  

If you’ve got a move sneaking up on you, it’s best to plan your way through the situation.  Start preparing yourself for a carefree move with a little light research.  Here is a brief look at some helpful tips for moving with kids.  

Talk with your kids about the move

Before move day ever arrives, you need to have a family conversation.  The kids need a heads up about the changes they’re about to experience.  Prepare age appropriate details about the move, and give your kids plenty of time to digest the news.  

You should also give your kids a chance to ask all the questions they need to ask.  They may worry about seeing friends or family once they move, and it’s your job to help them hash out their feelings about the situation.  

Consider hiring professional movers 

Moving is a lot easier when you have professionals to move your things.  Hiring professional movers to help you get your move done with ease is worth the cost, especially when you have kids.  

When it’s move day, you won’t have to worry about who will do all the heavy lifting.  Moving can be as simple as grabbing the little things, the kids, and taking a drive to the new place.  

Get the kids onboard for packing

Packing your things is an important step in the moving process.  Pack with organization and intention, and get the kids involved as well.  Let them pack their toys and other little things that won’t be broken easily in the move.  

When your kids feel like you’re doing this move as a family, they will be more apt to behave and help.  Spend more time focusing on the task at hand and less time worrying about the kids when they’re right there with you throughout the process.  

Give the kids jobs on moving day

When the big day finally arrives, it helps to give the kids something to keep them busy.  If you don’t have them hanging out with the babysitter or a close family member, you’ll have to make sure they don’t get under foot when everything gets moving.  

Make sure the new place is ready 

It’s important that the new place is ready to receive the family on moving day.  Take the time to go over and clean the place prior to your move.  

Have the electricity and other utilities turned on, so there’s light to get everything situated the evening of your move.  You want the family to be adjusted as quickly as possible, so the kids can get back to their normal routine.