3 Everyday Tasks To Keep Bugs Away From Your Home

When you’re at home, the last thing you want to have to deal with is bugs trying to take over your space. However, many people don’t start thinking about bugs in their homes until they start seeing them. But at this point, you’ve probably already got a bigger bug problem than you’d like to imagine.

Luckily, by doing just a few simple things each day, you can do a lot to help deter many bugs and other pests from making their homes in your home. To help you see how this can be done, here are three everyday tasks to keep bugs away from your home. 

Keep The Area Around Your Home Clear

Your first line of defense against bugs and other pests isn’t within your home but actually outside of your home.

According to PestWorld.org, having things too close to your home can make it easier for bugs to congregate around your home and then have a space to live that’s essentially where you live. With this in mind, you should do everything in your power to keep the area around your home clear. This means pruning back bushes and tree limbs, keeping piles of wood and other materials further away from your home, directing water as far away from your home as possible, and more. And in the event that bugs do come close to your home, you should also make sure to seal up any cracks or holes so they have a much harder time getting inside. 

Get The Air Moving

One easy way to keep bugs from settling into your home is to keep the air in your home moving rather than allowing it to become static. 

Especially when it comes to flying bugs, Lisa Milbrand, a contributor to Reader’s Digest, shares that having the air moving makes it very hard for bugs to settle into one place. And since flying bugs like flies or mosquitoes have a very hard time flying when the air is moving around them, they’re more likely to try to escape from the area rather than staying there long-term. 

Clean Up Food As Soon As Possible

Food and other things that smell good are big draws for bugs. Knowing this, it’s important that you try to keep these things to a minimum around your home if you’re wanting to discourage the bug population from exploding.

Some areas of your home that you should focus on for keeping clean of food as quickly as possible, according to Debbie Hadley, a contributor to ThoughtCo.com, are your garbage cans, areas where your pets eat, all of your kitchen and dining room, and any sinks where you wash down things like food or smelly soaps. 

If you want to avoid having bugs take up residence in your home, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn the best ways to do this.