We make things and share them with you.

One By Four is a unique design collective founded by four longtime friends based in South Florida. With backgrounds in illustration, fine arts, photography, and web design, we’ve united our diverse talents into a single identity to share the things we create with the world.

Projects of ours have been featured in blogs and websites around the internet: Web Design LedgerSmashing MagazineSpyre Studios, and CSS Mania to name a few.

Learn more about each of us:

Brian Haines

Brian Haines

Photography and Graphic Design Ace

Brian has been a designer for over 10 years, landing his first professional gig while he was just junior in high school. Since then, Brian has freelanced in South Florida, Manhattan, and Brooklyn, making logos, custom icons, and graphics for small businesses.

Not only a skilled designer, but an excellent photographer, Brian is responsible for the images on this page!

Alejandra Abad

Alejandra “Ale” Abad

Motion Graphics and Illustration Whiz

Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Ale is an amazing illustrator with a penchant for dense, fantastical landscapes and whimsical character designs. It’s no surprise that artistic thinkers like musicians, writers, and artists tend to want to work with her. Her out-of-the-box thinking and desire to experiment lead to some of the most original work in town.

Natasha Maria Fernandez-Fountain

Natasha Maria Fernandez-Fountain

Web Design and Typography Master

A self-taught web designer, Natasha’s interest in web design is as old as AOL dial-up and the days of Sailor Moon shrines. Now, her interests have grown into all things web, including usability, development, and interaction design.

Super organized and an ardent code-by-hand-girl, Natasha is the creator and developer of the One by Four website.

Bruno Torquato

Bruno Torquato

Interaction Design and Pixel Animation Guru

With a systematic finesse, Bruno is an avid usability and clean code specialist and One by Four’s official technical surveyor. When he’s not busy polishing pixels, Bruno makes beats and things as one half of Stepghost, “the world’s most talented and important musical act” (his words). He also loves video games, especially Nintendo ones.