9 Innovative Ways to Grow Your Franchise Customer Base

There are many ways to grow your customer base as a franchise. It generally starts with finding one of the top franchises with brand recognition in your area. From there, however, it’s all on the owner of the franchise. Be innovative and put yourself out there as much as possible. These nine tips will help you see great growth.

1. Use Social Media All The Time

Grow your customer base by interacting with potential customers on social media. Don’t just get on it occasionally, but be in constant contact with commenters on your page. Show them how modern and relevant your franchise is with daily social media updates.

2. Create A Modern And Useful Website

Make the website just as useful and current as the social media pages. Update it with any news about the franchise. Advertise current deals and post pictures of customers enjoying themselves, or make a place for reviews on it.

3. Put Some Fun Advertisements Out There

You can attract a lot of customers with the right advertisements. Create some fun ones and put them on social media or a local TV station. Put signs up around town and use billboards, as well, so that you can attract people from all over.

4. Listen To What Customers Have To Say

Read the reviews that are left online and listen to what customers say when they come into the franchise. Make changes as needed and try to always put them first. When customers feel valued, they will be more likely to come back and tell their friends to do the same.

5. Make Holidays A Big Deal

If you want to make your franchise stand out, then you can make a big deal about every holiday and special occasion. Put decorations outside and in and post about it on social media and your website. That will get people to consider coming in during different times of the year.

6. Use Emails To Keep People Involved

Even if you just send out generic emails reminding people about what your franchise offers, it is a good thing to do. You can get people to remember your business by sending them a quick email. They will be more likely to come back again when they receive a remember.

7. Tell Customers About Special Deals

Send coupons to customers who have signed up for your emails or tell them about any deals going on at your franchise. Advertise the deals on social media, as well. Have as many deals as you can often so that people will have a reason to come over.

8. Follow A Business Plan For Your Franchise

When you want to see your franchise succeed, you need to have a good plan for it. See what other franchises are doing and try to follow the parts of them that are successful. Try to make your plan unique and relevant to the area where you are located, though, so that it will work for your franchise’s needs.

9. Hire The Right Employees For Every Job

If you don’t want to do the social media marketing yourself, then you can hire someone for it. Hire the right employees for every job at your franchise. Make sure they have the knowledge for every task you ask them to do, and customers will trust them and what you are doing there.

With these tips, your customer base will grow quickly. Your franchise will be successful because of all the new customers. Keep up with all of this, and it will continue to grow.