5 Block Games You Won’t Stop Playing

Block games are one of the best games that can come to your rescue, especially when you are battling with the hassles of everyday life. They make life more enjoyable. Block puzzle games relieve boredom and focus on problem-solving, helping you develop these problem-solving skills. 

But when you are online trying to find a block game to install, you will find several games available. Some of these games have incredible graphics but lack a storyline, while others have the best gameplay but an unpleasing interface. 

To help you narrow your search, we have compiled the top 5 block games that you won’t stop playing.

Block! Hexa Puzzle

This is one of the most exciting shape-fitting puzzle games. The game is very fun and has impressive features. When you start playing, you won’t be disappointed. This game requires the player to drag and arrange the hexagon blocks onto the playing field’s frame. It is simple to learn, very satisfying, hard to master, and super challenging. The ultimate goal is to fill the board with a burst of colors. This game may seem simple, but it can make you scratch your head. 


This is also one of the best block puzzle games that you won’t stop playing. It is a very complicated and exciting Sudoku style-board game that is played on a 9X9 grid. The goal is to choose the right blocks from the button bar and drag them onto the board to destroy more squares and lines. The more the number of blocks that are cleared, the better the score. Without a doubt, this game is fun and fantastic. It won’t take you long before you learn the concepts of the game.

Block! Triangle: Tangram

This is also another fun block puzzle game that you won’t put down. It is perfect for both pro players and beginners. It is an excellent mix of modern blocks together with the classic Tangram. The objective of the game is to drag different shapes from the bottom bar and fit those given in the frame. The interface is friendly, eye-catching, and quick. The gameplay is also quite simple and addicting. In addition to that, there are several unique levels to explore. This game is free to play. Try it once, and you won’t stop playing it!


This block puzzle game is a brain-teasing game. The player needs to navigate tons of challenging courses as they discover terrific tiles and avoid hazardous holes. Rotate the block to its destination. You should ensure that the block does not fall off the edges. Find the best route using your four skills and reward yourself with an excellent block. 

Block Slider Game

This game is a unique block puzzle game that is very fun. You can play it forever but still, find something new to train your brain. It has interactive elements that can be purchased digitally. This is one of the block puzzle games that are pretty difficult to stop playing.