Why You Should Start Writing on Medium This Year

Online reading reached new heights during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. Millions of people who followed public health recommendations of social distancing and sticking within their household bubbles decided this was a good time to explore the vast amount of written content available on the internet; as a result, websites such as Medium.com experienced significant growth.

If you are looking for a social network where conversations are centered on themes and opinions that are more elaborate than your usual Twitter and Facebook posts, Medium is highly recommended. Medium bucks the TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and Tumblr trends of micro-blogging and creating content for audiences with short attention spans. In essence, Medium is a writing platform for individuals who may not necessarily be writers, but who nonetheless have things on their minds that they would like to communicate. The social media features of Medium are pretty much standard; there are profiles, commenting systems, likes, votes, dislikes, recommendations, connections, and nesting comments that encourage conversations.

You could argue that Medium is a blogging platform similar to WordPress or Google’s very own Blogger, but the majority of Medium users do not treat it as an online diary. The user interface and publishing workflow of Medium feel more like an internet magazine than a blog, and this is probably why it is more widely used as a storytelling platform. You can look at this Medium account to get an idea of the general intent; notice how the article therein is a seven-minute read, which is longer than the average blog post.

It should be noted that seven minutes has become the sweet spot in terms of article length on Medium, but there is a welcoming audience for longer articles. It is not unusual for a Medium reader to bookmark a long post and return to it later in order to finish reading. If you have something to express, and you think it will take you 5,000 words to get the point across, Medium would be a good choice in terms of online publishing.

The growth of Medium has been mostly organic. Engaging authors whose clever style of writing gets the attention of readers from various backgrounds can be credited with making Medium a popular online publishing platform. Readers who flock to Medium tend to be smart, curious, and fans of casual writing. The recommendation system and the daily Medium newsletter, which is algorithm-driven, are phenomenal for writers who want to reach audiences.

With regard to search engine optimization, Medium has become a high-authority website. When a Medium post goes viral, you can be certain that it will command a top listing on the search engine results page. Medium can help you get noticed; there is no doubt that it can work wonders in relation to branding and marketing, but you should not use it for shameless self-promotion. Above all, Medium showcases thought leadership and actionable advice; this is what you should bring to the table when you open a new account and start publishing new posts. Without a doubt, Medium will continue to attract readers in 2021, and this is a good enough reason for you to participate.