Ways you Can Cut your Living Costs with Online Solutions

We are all looking for ways to reduce our living expenses, as the cost of living rises and we have to budget more than usual, yet there are things that you can do that result in savings, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to help you bring down your monthly outgoings.

  • Car Insurance – We all have to have vehicle insurance, there’s no getting around that, but with the online insurer, you can have Rabbit Finance 1st class car insurance for less than what you currently pay. When you look at the many benefits and compare that to the existing motor insurance you have, it makes total sense to switch and save money in the process.
  • Mortgage – There are online home loan brokers who can re-mortgage your home and save you a lot of money and it costs nothing to explore the avenues, which are likely to lead to a saving. There are many lenders in the real estate sector and the online broker has associations with many and can therefore tailor the package to suit the client.
  • Working Online – If this is at all possible, the savings will be substantial; no travelling or dressing up, indeed, many people now work from home due to the pandemic and they enjoy a high level of freedom and independence. You could also take on some private work online; adding to your income is always a good thing and every little helps. Click here for information about online learning, which might be the new norm.
  • Online Shopping – You will never find a lower price than the online supplier; they do not have the massive overheads of the traditional High St retailer and they pass this saving on to their customers. Many online suppliers offer free delivery, so next time you need a car part or an electrical appliance, search online for the best deals. You can even have your weekly groceries delivered to your door and while that might not save you money, you didn’t have to drive to the store.
  • Selling Second Hand Goods – We all have perfectly good stuff laying around at home that we simply never use and post the details with an image on a local selling group and you should find a buyer. The normal process is for the buyer to wire the money, plus shipping costs and the seller sends the goods, but you can arrange to meet, of course.
  • Online Services – If, for example, you needed to see a physio for a sporting injury, you can book a virtual session, which will save you a lot. Because of Covid-19, many businesses offer virtual services, which are cheaper, plus there is zero risk of infection with virtual services. If you are going through a separation and need to talk to a family lawyer, you can arrange an online consultation at a reduced cost.

We are living in a digital world and when the Internet of Things is launched, every digital device will be connected and merging with AI will change the way we live our lives.