What it Takes to Become a Successful Programmer

With many programmers out there, what does it take to stand out from the rest? Do I have what it takes?

Here are some steps to become more successful in programming.

Being willing to learn new things

Being able to adapt to new things is extremely important to programmers in this age of revolution of new technology. Be it learning online, or at school. Being able to absorb new things and apply it to your coding will greatly improve you and your code and put you a mark above the rest.

Being Lazy 

Yes, being lazy is a good thing to be when you code. Being able to create code that is easier for you and faster for you is always in your favor. Finding easier ways to filter code or better ways to write code will make you a more efficient coder. In many cases, simplicity is best when it comes to coding.

Learn from Others

Your fellow programmers can be a very good source of aid with your code. Being able to learn from others can greatly improve your code. Learning to code from others in a community-based code academy – learning their secrets and their ways of putting together code will greatly improve your code and your office relationships. Remember you are not always right. Everyone is there to help you not to take you down


Being able to not give when your code fails, but to strive forth and take it by the horn and debug your code will always help you. With code being fussy and going throughout your code to double, triple or quadruple times just to find that you forgot to put that one period in the line. Pulling through and putting time into finding what’s wrong or what could be improved will greatly improve not only yourself, but your code.