Basic Guidance About the Proctoring System

The current pandemic situation has forced all the institutions, companies, universities to conduct exams on an online platform. There are top online proctoring service providers who listen to their client’s needs and fulfill their requirements. There is high growth in online learning. The rapid increase in e-learning has increased the demand for proctor system products. Innovative technology has made it accessible and enabled the students to learn, learn new skills online. The proctoring system is not only highly beneficial for the students but also the organizations taking an exam. When an online proctoring solution is combined with the anti-cheating software, it makes sure that it maintains the integrity and reliability of an exam.

A proctor is a professional and trained person or software that ensures the exam authenticity and prevents the aspirants from doing any cheating. Proctoring exam enables the students to take an exam from any geographical location by sitting at home while ensuring the credibility of an exam. The aspirants are monitored by the invigilator by using proctoring solutions to prevent cheating. A candidate is checked during the test. While attempting the test, the students or candidates need a laptop or computer, stable internet connection, a modern browser, a mic, and a webcam. A remote proctored exam is economical as it saves time, money, and resources and eliminates the schedule barrier. A proctored exam is secured as there is no scope of cheating. It makes it difficult to copy-paste and also freezes or clock the screen of candidates using another tab, browsing for cheating. The proctoring system is becoming superior and making it tough to cheat in tests. The human proctors are well-trained to detect any suspicious activity of a candidate like change in a moment, posture, or eye moment.

Process of proctoring system:

  • An online proctoring exam involves invigilator and candidate. A proctor accesses the aspirants and monitors their body language and performance. The proctoring system has become an essential tool in assessing the student’s reliability and credibility. 
  • Candidates open the link sent to them for verification. They fill in all the details like name, birth date, place, age, gender, and upload their photo.
  • After this, candidates are asked to submit their identity proof. The candidates are identified by facial recognition. It is a must to get the mic and webcam activated so their face matches with the uploaded pic when they log-in to the system. The webcam and microphone/headphones are tested to avoid any error or problem during the online test. 
  • When candidates log in to the site, they switch on the webcam. A candidate is recognized once the proctored online exam starts.
  • A proctor can monitor all the aspirants in the grid view via webcam. All candidates are shown or displayed on the same screen. 
  • There is an option of a chatbox that can be used to interact with aspirants through message and to convey any necessary information. There is also an option of live chat that enables the examiner to clear any doubt of the candidates during the online exam. The candidates are examined by the invigilator to check their activities. They are being examined to prevent any false or malpractices used by the aspirants. If a proctor notices any suspicious thing, a flag is raised.  
  • When the exam ends, the candidate’s answer sheets are evaluated by the examiner. The proctor reviews the answer sheet and video to judge the candidate’s performance. After a few days, the results are declared and submitted to them via email or on the website. The online proctoring solution provides quick and reliable results without any mistake.  

Here we will discuss the various users of online exam proctoring:

  • Education authorities-colleges and universities: The online proctoring solutions and software are used for taking an exam of the students. They can examine the candidate’s capabilities and intelligence. They use this software for maintaining the integrity of the exam. Universities use the online proctoring system for taking the entrance exam, mid-semester exam, and final examination for assessing the student’s skills and academic knowledge. The students are monitored by the instructor. They are examined so that the students don’t use any cheating mode like using reference material, browsing, and screen sharing with friends. Remote proctoring tools ensure the smooth flow of the examination process. The universities provide training to their staff. They conduct the assessment test to certify faculty and to enhance their skills.
  • Certification courses: they enable the students to take the certification at home. They eliminate the need for test centers and also reduce the cost of the exam. Students are taking various online certification courses to enhance their knowledge. Many institutions and colleges also undertake online courses for the assessment and evaluation criteria. The online test helps in eliminating the time and cost constraints. The candidates must give their exams diligently without doing the cheating.They maintain records for audits on demand.
  • Assessment: They provide customized assessment test services to their clients. They take care of the client’s needs and give them an assessment exam as per their requirement at any time and anywhere. Many companies and organizations use online proctoring assessment tests for recruiting candidates, admission tests, and promotions. Mock tests are being conducted by the schools and colleges while taking admissions.  
  • Companies: While hiring a candidate, a test is being conducted by the HR manager for assessing the aspirant’s skills, abilities, and capabilities. All HR managers want to select the best candidate that fits their organization. So, they examined the candidate’s performance by an assessment exam. An assessment test is organized and designed according to the needs and qualities required by an organization. A remote proctor software is used by them to get reliable answers and maintain the authenticity of the test. The candidates keep the microphone and webcam on during the exam.

It is easier to access and understand the online exam process. The best thing about the proctoring exam is that they are cost-effective. These proctoring exams are gaining importance globally. They play a crucial role in determining the efficiency of an aspirant.