3 Things to consider as you sell your home

Selling a home can be challenging, depending on your location, especially these last few years. You may be in a time crunch trying to liquidate quickly or in a buyer’s market with many other competitors. Sellers and agents alike have many different issues with closing deals, but they’re still selling houses even though this is happening.

While there are many reasons why houses are sitting on the market without finding a buyer, there are some things you can do to speed up the process. However, there are some things you may control and some you won’t. You’ll find 3 things to consider as you sell your home on this list.

1. Selling at the right price

The right price sits at the top of the list because it’s the most crucial factor in selling a home. Every house on the market is sellable if it has the right price. There are many different reasons why a house will sit on the market when they’re overpriced.

· The owners aren’t realistic about the actual cost of their house. In some instances, the owner adds the cost of improvements they made on the house and to the final price. However, most buyers won’t pay above market value for improvements done for personal taste.

· The seller misunderstood the market data. Sometimes owners look at the average selling price on their location instead of looking at the actual composition of their house.

· Sellers often price the cost of their house very high to facilitate negotiation, which is a common misconception. This notion often backfires on the seller, leaving them with a house on the market longer than they anticipated. If you price your home well enough, a buyer will see its value and pay your asking price.

2. Marketing

Buyers need to find your house listing and be captivated by it too. Seeing that we’re living in a digital era, people are now searching on the internet for home purchases instead of going door-to-door.

There are many websites with house listings, and the question is, Are you on all of them? Home sellers list their homes on the Multiple List Service (MLS) and other popular listing sites. They do this so that they can tap into a larger buying market. Your home should impress buyers in a few seconds to get them to notice your sale. Using high-quality photos taken professionally is the best way to showcase your home online and book a showing.

3. Is your house show-ready?

There are cases where buyers give up an improved home for a home that feels more like a home to them. You may be asking, “why would a buyer purchase a lower quality home? The buyer’s

response was the improved house was dark, dingy, and smelled of pets. They weren’t impressed with the overall look of the house.

They ended up purchasing a house that was light and felt like somewhere they can call home. Homes like these will create a lasting image in a buyer’s head.

If your house is looking dingy and dull, the best thing to do is give it an overhaul to get it looking light and airy. However, if you’re in a time crunch prefer to sell your house as-is, different companies will purchase your home without the stress.

If you keep these three tips in mind, you’ll have your house on and off the market quickly, which will maximize your profit.