How an Intelligent Vehicle Tracking System Can Benefit your Business

Most people have
heard of GPS technology, and global positioning satellites that orbit the
planet can provide you with very useful real time data that will revolutionise
your business and there are established providers that offer a comprehensive
solution. Here are just a few ways that using this technology can assist your

  • Route Planning – Planning routes for your nationwide deliveries can
    be a major headache that can result in wasting both time and money, which is
    why you should use a local GPS solutions provider. Whether you have a few
    vehicles on the road, or a huge fleet that delivers around the country, this
    specialised software uses real time data to help you plan the best routes for
    your drivers.
  • Monitor Driver Behaviour – When your delivery drivers are on the
    road, you have to take their word regarding events that happen while working,
    unless you are using GPS tracking, which can monitor every aspect of the delivery
    route, including route taken, speed and current location. You can install
    interior and exterior cams and they allow you to see and communicate with a
    driver in real time, without having to go to the expense of making a phone
  • Informing Customers of Delivery Times – It can be embarrassing when a customer
    calls you to ask when their consignment will be delivered, but with a
    state-of-the-art GPS system in place, you can literally tell the customer the
    current location of their consignment, plus you can accurately predict when the
    delivery will take place. With an easy-to-use dashboard, you can instantly
    bring up data on every package and this allows you to answer any client enquiry
    within seconds.
  • Verifying the Cause of an Accident – Accidents can happen at any time and if
    you have installed exterior cams on all your delivery vehicles, you have actual
    footage of any incident, which can be downloaded and used as evidence in the
    event the cause of an accident is in dispute. This could save you a lot of time
    and money and eliminate the chances of being blamed for an accident that was
    not the fault of your driver.
  • Producing Real Time Reports – The system interface allows you to print
    out a wide range of reports that are in graph format, which enables you to see
    areas that could be improved. If, for example, some drivers are taking too long
    with their deliveries, you can quickly discover the reason why and by printing
    out the report, the driver can also see where they are going wrong.

If your business
involves delivering products, whether locally or nationally, using a GPS
tracking system that is web-based puts you in control at all times and that
takes the headache out of route planning and delivery in general.

With all of the
above benefits, it certainly does make sense to use a GPS tracking system to
gather critical data regarding the status of deliveries, and by searching
online, you can find an established supplier.