How to Improve Your Office Lighting With Led Panels

LED panel lights are an innovative lighting tech to meet modern lighting needs. The corporate world is instead task-oriented and requires an efficient lighting system round the clock. 

What are the panel lights?

LED panel lights are square or rectangular light fixtures with an ultra-slim design. The thickness of the fixture is barely 10mm. The housing is made up of aluminum while the LEDs are arranged on the guide plate; this feature provides the fixture stability. They are suspended mounted or surface mounted into a modular grid ceiling, which is common to offices. 

The layout of office lighting 

Offices being task-oriented spaces have a particular restriction when choosing light fixtures; there has to be a balance between the fixture’s semblance and functional aspects. 

There are specific standards to adhere to when it comes to choosing light fixtures for offices. 

The general rule for workstation lighting suggests light enough for visibility to carry out reading and writing tasks. The contrast and placement should be so that it does not obstruct, cause strain or reflect light on the computer’s screen. 

The standard criteria for an office lighting layout are:

  • Maximum lumen output
  • Quality of light, i.e. ( colour temperature, colour rendering)
  • Direction of light
  • Uniformity 
  • comfort

The light fixtures are selected under UGR rating, so to provide maximum comfort to the employees, glare causes headaches and affects eyesight. 

Benefits of using LED panels in offices

LED panel lights are carefully crafted to resolve these issues and meet these lighting criteria with efficiency. LED panels are highly compatible with any ceiling design and specifically modular grid ceiling typical to offices. Here are a few ways of installing LED panels will improve the lighting layout of any office environment. 

  1. Smart lighting controls

LED panels are elegant and innovative light fixtures that are highly versatile in terms of control and efficiency. These panels are dimmable; a standard of 0-10V dimmable panels are available. Moreover, LEDs’ correlated colour temperature can be adjusted between 2500K to 6000K, i.e., warm yellow to cool white light. For offices, the suitable colour temperature range is between 3000K-4000K. 

Fluorescent fixtures have a restricted Colour rendering index of 80; it produces bluish contrast of light and fails to impart the objects’ actual colour. LED panels have high and adjustable CRI that delivers original colours of items under bright sunlight. 

  1. Uniform Light

The LEDs are arranged on the guide plate to create a uniform lighting pattern. Still, the reflector plate enhances the distribution as the light falls out of the fixture by the total internal reflection mechanism. The light is distributed evenly on the surface as well as around the edges of the panel. 

  1. Energy efficiency

LED technology is successful for the reason that they are super-efficient. They produce more light and less heat, unlike traditional fixtures, which have more heat than light. LEDs are 85% efficient on average, and low heat emission increases their life-span and helps cut down on AC costs as they keep the environment cool. 

  1. Directional Light 

Unlike traditional fixtures, LEDs have a focused and directional way of lighting. The beam angle is specific and adjustable concerning the fixture and its application. In offices, directional lighting is critical to avoid inconvenience to employees on the work desk and help them stay focused. 

  1. Cost-effective

 LEDs are highly cost-effective, and they balance out the installation costs. They dramatically reduce utility bills, which is beneficial for corporations as it saves a chunk of money spent on frequent maintenance, labour and replacement costs. 

Panel lights are light-weight, so they are easy to transport and install with various mounting options available. 

In conclusion, LED panels widely improve any office environment’s lighting layout due to their easily adjustable and integrative features.