Simple Ways To Update The Look And Feel Of Your Home

A home is an extension of the person who lives there; much like a new wardrobe or haircut, it deserves an update that reflects changing tastes and styles. While it might seem like a difficult proposition, changing it up is easier and less expensive than anyone imagines. So, how to do it? Here are a few simple suggestions that can do wonders for a home’s appeal.

Bring The Outdoors Inside

The garden is full of possibilities, but it doesn’t have to stay outside. Instead, some of its components can come indoors to bring a new, refreshing, and calming sense to the most hectic parts of a home. Planters can hold a variety of living and artificial plants for a look that is unmistakable. A shelf design full of smaller pots can also bring up the comfort level in the space.

Patio furniture already sitting out there waiting to be used can also spruce up an area. Wicker and rattan especially highlight a natural, coastal motif and most pieces take little effort to move inside. When considering a piece, also think about updating the finish with a coat of paint or stain that matches the current indoor color scheme.

Change The Lighting

Light alters how anyone views a space. A few changes to lighting can change focus or even the mood of the room. It’s not as hard to do as a full coat of paint and might just be the surprising answer to a new room update. Check out floor lamps that are easy to place throughout most spaces. One or two-floor lamps in a space previously lit only by an overhead ceiling light can change the appeal. It also works well when establishing a workspace or drawing focus to selected areas of the room. Floor lamps with additional appendages along the sides have a special appearance for spaces where reading occurs regularly.

Overhead lighting also has an impact on a room; changing it has its appeal. Instead of flush lighting fixtures, opt for a bigger and bolder solution that is hard to miss. Smaller three-tiered chandeliers are especially impactful in creating a fun, flirty solution; yet they can also dress up a room. Another option is ceiling fans that cost little to purchase and are inexpensive to have installed. If someone lives in an area with humidity, this simple detail can also protect valuables that otherwise would feel the heat.

Install A Sliding Barn Door

Rustic is one of those styles that costs very little to bring to life and reaps rewards in homes a variety of decor themes. It’s also a popular choice due to the pieces that bring it to life; one of those being the standout design of sliding barn doors. More than just a divider, these sliding pieces add a new life to even the blandest of rooms.

The sliding barn door can be used as an actual door to rooms, but it also serves a place in the home as a decorative display. Part focal piece, part moving art, its place against any room can transform the entire aesthetic. It’s a simple choice and, after placement, the look itself often transforms an entire space immediately.

Use Window Film

When someone looks over the room, any windows often get skipped over or relegated to the usual treatment. Window film is a quick and non-permanent way to update a space with classic or bold designs. It’s also something that can be done within a few minutes, so the transformation is instant. One of the most popular patterns in this category of films is stained glass patterns that look just like the real thing, but styles that promote privacy are also available.

Every room of the home has its own personality and appeal; changing that with something as simple as a new piece of art or a sliding door gives it a much needed updated without fail. These easy alterations can be done by anyone and changed just as easily over time. Think of them before going all out with something drastic.