3 Movies That Depict Drug Abuse Accurately

Around 62 million Americans have used illicit drugs in the past year and that makes up grossly 21 percent of the entire US population. That’s why it’s not surprising that there are dozens of movies based on drug abuse. Some of these movies show drug use in a positive light, meant to take it as fun, whereas there are others that provide a disturbing yet accurate view of drug addiction.  

Hollywood movies have been glorifying drug abuse since the 1900s, though it also has been doing a good job of showing the “highs” that are associated with drug use and its aftermath. In this article, we have listed X movies that accurately portray drug addiction, meaning to shed light on what the persons involved go through. Keep in mind that these are movies, just a minuscule part of what happens in real life when it comes to drug addiction. Nevertheless, they educate the viewers about the effects of drug use. 

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3 Hollywood Movies about Drug Abuse

You can check out the following movies to educate yourself about drugs use, its aftermath, and its effect on people around you:

Scarface (1983)

This movie has been considered the best mob film of all time. It revolves around a Cuban refugee in the 1980s in Miami, rising to power as the head of a drug cartel. The actor playing the refugee i.e. Al Pacino as Montana uses drugs throughout the entire movie, until his last moments at the end of the movie when he is finally gunned down. 

In the movie, Montana believes that drug use is necessary for him to achieve great power and control Miami’s drug trafficking ring. The ending may not have been pleasant, but as viewers, you get the idea that drug use was how Montana was able to rise to the top.

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Requiem for a Dream (2000)

There are four drug addicts in the movie, and because of their dependence on drugs, their lives are ruined. 

One of the characters gets addicted to diet pills and has drug-induced psychosis, due to which she ends up in the psychiatric ward. The other three characters decide to expand their drug sales operations so that they can continue to support their own addiction. 

The movie Requiem for a Dream is considered one of the grittiest films ever in its depiction of drug use. Each of the characters in the movie has their downfall because of the drug abuse. There is also romantic interest in the movie; two of the characters made love to each other while under the effect of drugs. 

All in all, Requiem for a Dream shows an accurate description of how people behave under the effect of drugs. You can stream this movie on Plex, Pluto, Netflix, or Tubi. 

Beautiful Boy (2018)

The Beautiful Boy movie is an honest depiction of how your drug addiction can affect your loved ones. 

A teenage boy falls prey to alcohol, weed, cocaine, heroin, and meth while in college and becomes an addict. He disappears for days, making his father worry for him. The boy hurt his family in many ways: he steals from his little sister, he lies to his loved ones, and he hurts them. These are some of the most common traits of a drug addict; they would do anything to get their hands on the drugs again, even if it means hurting their own family. He does agree to go into rehab, but then he relapses. Goes into rehab again, and relapses, again. Over and over again until he can’t anymore. 

Beautiful Boy shows the dad’s struggle to help his son out of it. His behavior changes from confusion, bewilderment, anger, and panic, to finally acceptance and grief.

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Wrapping Up

The movies depicting drug abuse are only meant for entertainment or educational purposes. It goes without saying that drug addiction doesn’t lead to any financial success, happiness, or power, despite what it shows in the movies. It is much more difficult in real life than it is shown in the movies. Stream those movies for educational purposes, but if you know someone who’s suffering from the same, refer them to addiction treatment. Seeking treatment for drug addiction goes a long way toward bringing about positive change in their behavior.