3 Things To Consider When Creating Graphics To Put On Your Fleet Vehicles

As technologies like GPS asset tracking and preventative maintenance-enabled fleet management solutions become adopted across the industry, there have never been more options available to fleet managers looking to optimize vehicle spending. With those savings comes the opportunity to grow your business in other ways, and few growth options are as direct and impression-generating as fleet vehicle graphics. If you have a business that uses a fleet of vehicles to move your products or to deliver services to your customers in highly visible areas, then it only makes sense that you would use those vehicles as a way to market your company to potential customers in the area. However, doing this isn’t as easy as you might think. So to help ensure that you create a fleet of vehicles that looks just like you intend, here are three things to consider when creating graphics to put on your fleet vehicles.

Match Your Design To Other Marketing Materials

Just like with all of your other marketing materials, Jim Bradburn, a contributor to Science Centre, advises that you design that graphics for your fleet vehicles to match all of the other marketing graphics that you’re using. By doing this, you’ll ensure that your marketing is consistent and that your vehicles will be easily identifiable as being related to your business.

Not only should you use the same colors that you have for other marketing aspects like your logos, but you should also use fonts that are part of your brand guidelines and that showcase your brand identity. Especially for fleet vehicles that it’s very important that people recognize, like those in public service, you want to make sure that passersby can recognize your vehicle quickly and easily.

Think Twice Before Using Photos

While it’s great to use photos in most of your other marketing materials, Rebecca Creger, a contributor to 99Designs.com, advises against using photos on graphics for vehicle wraps.

When you put an image on a vehicle wrap, you can’t always tell what quality the image will be when it gets blown up so large. And if the photo wasn’t a great quality to begin with, you could wind up with a fuzzy, blurry, or pixelated image blasted all over the fleet of vehicles. This can make you look extremely unprofessional. So rather than having to deal with this issues, it’s best to just avoid using photos on your vehicle wraps if you can.

Triple-Check Your Designs For Accuracy

Putting graphics or wraps on your fleet of vehicles means you’re essentially going to have a lot of mobile billboards driving all around your area. In fact, Suzanne Kearns, a contributor to Intuit Quickbooks, shares that you can get between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions a day! And while this can be great exposure for you, if anything about your graphics is wrong, it could also backfire big time.

Knowing this, you’re going to want to triple-check every letter and image that makes up the graphic for your vehicle wrap. The last thing you want to have happen is to not notice that you switched up two numbers in your phone number or spelled something wrong until your fleet vehicles are out on the road.

If you’re wanting to put some graphics on your fleet vehicles, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you get everything right the first time.