6 Design Tips for the Ultimate Walk-in Closet

You don’t have to be a fashion diva to dream about a massive walk-in closet. It’s a bucket list fantasy for millions of people. Some want to fill it with clothes and shoes, and others see it as their own personal getaway from the stresses of the world. 

Whatever the reason for your walk-in wardrobe goal, it doesn’t have to stay in your dreams. These design tips can optimize your current closet and turn it into the ultimate stylish space.

1. Start With the Lighting

Lighting sets the mood in a room. It’s why restaurants spend so much time and money on choosing the right fixtures—they create the atmosphere that tells the guests how they should feel.

What emotions do you want your closet to evoke when you step inside? Use that answer to guide you to the type of lighting you should use. 

Darker rooms are more intimate, but they can also be depressing. The more light you have in your closet, the brighter you feel. However, be careful not to use fluorescent lights if you’re putting on makeup in your closet mirror. 

Scandinavian designers know that the best light is the natural kind, as this article by Nue Glow points out. Norway experiences 60 days or more of Polar Nights, so residents truly appreciate the benefits of sunlight.

If you can get a floor-to-ceiling window in your wardrobe, go for it! That way, you can choose how bright or dark the room is simply by opening or closing the curtains.

2. Add an Accent Wall

Two words: Removable. Wallpaper.

This design trend has revolutionized the temporary decor industry. No longer are renters stuck with bare white walls, nor do owners have to keep wallpaper they hate because it’s too hard to remove.

It’s not necessary to cover every wall since much of the surface area is going to be used for storage. But with one well-designed accent wall covered with removable paper, the whole walk-in room is transformed. 

Stick with the traditional neutrals in a textured, paneled design, or go bold with high heels. Whichever style and shade you choose, use those colors to decorate the rest of your closet.

3. Install Shelves

Almost every closet comes standard with rods. These work well for clothes that need to be on hangers, but really, most of your wardrobe doesn’t have to be hung. There’s just nowhere else to put it all.

Shelves work perfectly for jeans, t-shirts, shoes, and accessory bins. The more flat storage space you have, the better organized your closet will be.

Yes, you should still keep a hanging rod or two, depending on how many dresses, suits, and blouses you own. Let the flat shelves define your storage instead of cramped hangers.

4. Got Room? Put in a Seat

The ultimate sign of a high-quality wardrobe is a storage bench or stool. Well-designed closet seats add an element of luxury to the space that is impossible to achieve in a tight closet area.

Your seat doesn’t have to be huge. There are long, upholstered benches that sit flush against the wall or plush, rounded ottomans to use in front of a mirror or vanity.

5. Hang a Mirror

Since you’ll be getting ready in your new walk-in closet, you’ll need a full-length mirror to check your outfits out. 

Mirrors don’t take up any volume. It’s easy to hang one on the back of the closet door and strategically place another on a wall at eye height. 

As an interior design element, mirrors are also used to make a room look more spacious. It’s an optical illusion that tricks your brain into thinking a room is larger than it is.

Finish off the look with some vanity lighting for a little extra brightness.

6. Get Organized

Now that you have flat shelves, space, and light, it’s time to get organized. 

With all the work you’ve put into creating your dream wardrobe space, a deep declutter is in order. Look at each piece of clothing you own. If you don’t love it or need it for a specific purpose, donate or toss it.

Then, throw out the old, random hangers clogging up your rod and get matching sets. Velvet hangers look elegant and are easier on your clothes than wire, plastic, or wooden designs. 

Fold anything that doesn’t need to be hung and store it in a basket or on the shelf. Use small accessory bins for jewelry and racks to get your hats out of the way. 

The final look should have the atmosphere you were aiming for, along with organized and streamlined storage.


If owning a gorgeous walk-in wardrobe has always been a dream of yours, it’s beyond time to make it a reality. 

All you need is an empty closet and an imagination. From there, these tips will guide you as you put together the ultimate spacious closet.