3 Tips for Helping Your Older Loved One Adjust to Assisted Living

When an older family member gets to the point where they can no longer take care of themselves, you and your family may find that it’s time to move them into an assisted living facility. Not everyone has the ability to be able to take on caring for an older loved one at home since they likely have a family and house and job to look after as it is. As such, an assisted living facility could be a great choice. 

These types of facilities are there to help facilitate an easier lifestyle, by assisting seniors with day-to-day activities which are no longer easy to do on their own. However, your older loved one may resist the idea of having to be looked after. 

In many cases, they may not want to move away from their home where they’ve lived for decades, and may even feel abandoned by the idea of being sent off somewhere. To help you navigate the transition, here are some of the best tips for helping your older loved one adjust to assisted living.

Make Them Feel Included

To avoid feelings of resentment and abandonment, it’s helpful if you make them feel a part of the decision-making process. Visit a few different assisted living facilities, and ask them for their input. 

Choosing for them can leave them feeling helpless and ultimately unhappy. Make a list of qualities that you would both like to see in an assisted living facility, and way out the pros and cons each time you visit a new one. When you give them the choice of having a say in the facility they choose it makes them feel empowered and valued.

Bring Décor From Home

It can be a shock to the system to find yourself in a new place after living a long time in the same home. To help combat these feelings of shock, it helps to bring decor from home to replicate it as much as possible. 

Get them involved in personalizing their living space with art and furniture that they choose from home. Make sure to add plenty of photos of family members so that they feel surrounded by the people who love them. Since you may not be able to visit them every day, this can help them feel more connected to their family.

Encourage Friendships With Other Residents

In the event that your loved one is feeling frustrated about the move, they may isolate themselves from interacting with other residents. Try to encourage them to build friendships by attending social events organized at the facility. At first, they may be resistant to change, but with enough encouragement and patience, they may grow to love their new life and the perks that come with it.