Tiktok Makes You Famous

Where did it come from? 

At first, there was an app called Musical.ly, which gave us the possibility  to make different videos  to different music, but it did not bring too much success. The Chinese company ByteDance  bought it and offered our planet the new and different version of it, called Tiktok. 

You should know how to use it

It’s really heartbreaking, when you have something amazing  and have no knowledge of how to use it. There are many features  Tiktok offers. 

  1. Make a video easily

Of course,  there are tons of apps with video recording capability.. But not only apps, we also have this huge Premiere pack too, we can use. Here’s the first reason why Tiktok is so popular since the beginning it’s easy! You don’t need to take courses or watch Youtube videos, the app  gives any of us the  opportunity to record  highly edited  videos on our own, with no prior knowledge of  video editing.. In this case everything is gathered in one app. You can choose different filters, music, rhythm, colours and that  is not all!

  1. It has its own trends

Tiktok provides  its own trends. When you see a video whilst  scrolling, just right there, you can make a similar one  on your own. You don’t need to search and bring trends to  Tiktok, they’re already right there.

  1. Feed with all kinds of content

Can you dance? Or sing? Cook? Play instruments? Whatever. Tiktok can take everything. Even if it isn’t you, you have a cute animal that also fits. Just any kind of weird stuff too. You just have to make people watch your videos. But how?

How to get many views on videos

These  are some basic rules you  can follow to get more and more views on your  videos. 

  • 3-second principle

Nowadays time costs much. The rhythm  of life is much faster than it was back in the day. People try to spend  their time on things they value. So try and put a long video with no dynamic, and you will see the result on your own. There is a 3-second principle in psychology which people often use in marketing and advertising. When someone  sees a video, we have  3 seconds to catch their attention and don’t let them go. When done successfully, then it’s 100% that they will remember the video well.. 

  • Create targeted  content

One of the top reasons for the fame of most famous TikTokers  is that they create their own content. Nobody wants to follow someone with everything on their profile. It’s better to know that if you need, for instance, new recipes you go on and so’s  profile. If you need new dance moves and have fun, visit that other profile and so on.

  • Applicable

It’s that kind of content which practically always works. People love to watch 5-minute crafts. And it’s much easier on Tiktok, because we can do one craft in one video. It’s easier to make, to watch, and to repeat. So if you decide to have this kind of content- you should do it easily, briefly. Make it with  good quality, for everyone to easily watch and have fun. In that case, your Tiktok videos will definitely be more desirable  and viewed many times.

  • Play on emotions

Trust me, it always works! Anyone sufficiently moved would be persuaded to tap a like for your video , if it’s really emotional. Of  course, it’s a one-time thing, but it brings you so many views. For example, the emotions of a little girl meeting her first puppy; or a boy who always dreamt to be a painter and now, 10 years later we see the photos of his first exhibition. Who wouldn’t love it?

But to accrue big audiences there is an easy, active and fast way, such as: socialgreg


With Tiktok possibilities, we can become famous and lovable too. You can even observe that, we can even do bigger things. With the right approaches, we can manage our business too and make famous not just our profile, but our business too. Start with nothing, choose the correct content and attract people. We can bring  success to our ideas, which even a couple of days ago we thought was impossible.