6 Top Warning Signs That Your HVAC Has a Problem

When your HVAC is failing, it is tempting to ignore the problems to avoid a costly repair bill. But if you pay attention to the warnings and call a specialist to intervene before small issues turn into major problems, you will save money and boost your system’s efficiency. Here are 6 warning signs that your HVAC has a problem:

Making Strange Noises

HVAC systems are meant to run quietly. Any unusual noise could be a call for maintenance or repair. Avoid a costly replacement and hire a technician to inspect the system if you hear any of these sounds:

  • Grinding sounds are an indication that your compressor and fan are not running smoothly.
  • Hissing noises are a sign of problems in the ductwork, which could cause a complete system breakdown.
  • Squealing noises are produced when the system’s belt has fallen off its track or is otherwise not in its place anymore. This kind of noise could also come from a metal piece in your air conditioner that needs more lubrication.

Producing Unusual Odors

Clean air has no odor, so if you detect a strange smell coming out of your HVAC unit, there is a problem. A musty odor could mean that there is mold inside your HVAC unit. Burning smells could indicate that the wire insulation has burned out and the smell of rotten eggs signals a problem with the gas supply

Increased Utility Bills


Image via Flickr by Grant Source

Your HVAC usage typically represents the most significant part of your utility bills. If you notice a rise in your electricity bills without having increased your consumption, it is probably because your HVAC unit is not functioning correctly.

Uncomfortable Temperatures

If your HVAC is blowing hot air in the summer, it is a sign of severe damage that will probably require professional service or replacement. The absence of cool air could be a sign that the Freon level is too low in your system or that the system’s compressor is broken. If one part of the house is cold and the rest is not, it could be a problem with the thermostat.

Bad Air Flow

A weak airflow coming out of your AC vents could be a sign of a compressor’s failure. If some rooms in your house get cooler but others don’t, the ductwork might need urgent repair. Another possibility would be an obstruction in the air conditioning vents which prevents air from flowing through the vents and also could present a health risk for your family. Make sure your vents and ducts are clean to allow your HVAC system to work correctly.

Signs of Moisture

Any leakage or sign of moisture requires the attention of a specialist before it leads to more severe problems. Leaks from the HVAC are mainly caused by a blockage in the pipes of the system. It can also be refrigerant leaks which could be dangerous for your family’s health. Your HVAC system is costly and requires regular maintenance. Taking care of your appliance and staying aware of the warning signs will help to keep your system running smoothly and avoid pricey replacements.