The Quickest Ways to Potty Train Your Puppy

If you’re reading this thinking we’re going to give you a quick fix for how to potty train your puppy at great speed and with minimal effort, think again: the answer is you can either potty train your puppy at great speed or with minimal effort.

We highly recommend the high speed, high effort approach, which results in a happy healthy pup who never causes the wrong kind of mess and makes your life easy. The minimal effort approach usually results in a lot of soiled socks and unhappy morning adventures with a pooper scooper.

If you want to train your puppy to use the bathroom properly quickly, then you need to commit to sticking to a routine with it for at least three weeks. You need to take them out every day and show them what to do, twice a day at the same time for pooping, and every single time they start peeing inside you take them to their wee mat and place them on it. You have to praise them when they get it right and scold them in no uncertain terms when they get it wrong. You have to be consistent, militarily so, in all these things until they have formed the habit.

It sounds extreme, but it really is the quickest way to train them. If you only scold or move tem half the time, or take them outside at irregular intervals so their bodies can’t learn when to hold it in, they simply won’t get the hang of it and before you know it you’ve got an untrained dog, which is not as cute as an untrained puppy (which, honestly, wasn’t that cute to start with).

So the answer is – you can train your puppy to use the potty quickly. But it won’t be easy or breezy.

Install a Pet Door

After you’ve trained them to use the potty, it’s a good idea to install a pet door and effectively train them to use that. If you’ve trained them effectively enough, they will then learn to let themselves out when they need to go to the bathroom; this way, if they need to go outside of your allotted walking times, they can do so without it being a drag on your time or causing a mess. This is also a useful skill to give them so they can get rid of any excessive energy independently.

So there you have it; there’s unfortunately no perfectly simple fix to quickly potty puppy training, but as usual a bit of consistency and commitment will go a long way.