5 Ways to Live a Greener Lifestyle

Living a green lifestyle is something that many people strive to do.  Yet, wanting to live a sustainable lifestyle and actually doing it aren’t always the same thing.  We can often find ourselves overwhelmed with the details involved.  The great news is that there are small steps we can take that will make a big difference. If you’re looking for ways to make the world a more sustainable place, here are some simple ways you can start today 

Start With Your Home

The overall goal of a green lifestyle is to cut back on unnecessary consumption. One of the best places to start with that is in our own home. You can take steps like adjusting your home’s thermostat to reduce your energy.  Even a few degrees of adjustment can make a significant difference in how much you use.  You can also take measures to reduce your water use by only using what you need.  Even something as seemingly simple as using low energy light bulbs, the idea is to find ways to cut back on your daily life at home. 

Buy Earth- Friendly Products

When shopping for anything, from beauty products to groceries, try to opt for products that are made without excessive amounts of chemicals or synthetic additives.  The same goes for packaging.  If you can choose products that have sustainable packaging, avoiding too much plastic, then you’ll be doing the earth a significant favor. 

If you do buy products packaged in plastic, make sure that they are recyclable.  

Buy Second-Hand

Even though it may be tempting to buy products brand new, the truth is that second hand can be just as good.  Not only does buying secondhand reduce the amount of waste that the earth produces, buying used products help save us a substantial amount of money.  So, before you go to your favorite online store, take a look on somewhere like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to see if you can find the same product used

Use Public Transportation 

Taking public transportation is a practical way to get to work every day without polluting the environment.  If riding in public transport isn’t an option then consider starting a carpool.  A carpool can help reduce your overall carbon footprint while also saving you a significant amount on gas.  

Cut Back on Meat

While going meatless entirely may not be a realistic option, reducing the amount of food you eat may be.  Consider cutting back on meat a few days a week and eating all vegetarian meals.  Eliminating meat from your diet even just a few days a week can help significantly cut back on the negative impact that the meat industry has on the planet.