3 Signs That Your Loved One May Benefit From Living in a Retirement Home

As we get older, it becomes less realistic to successfully take care of ourselves. As our bodies become more fragile, they start giving us signs that it may be time to look for extra help. Making the decision to move your loved one into an assisted living facility can be a tough choice. Not to mention there are many stigmas surrounding assisted living, and it may be difficult for your loved one to accept. 

Yet, upon further inspection, you may find that assisted living is much different than what you think it is. They’re designed to help your loved one thrive, and be cared for at any hour of the day. Most importantly, they’re there to give everyone Peace of Mind. Here are some of the biggest red flags that it may be time to start looking for extra help with your older loved one.

Difficulty With Hygiene

One of the first telltale signs that you’re older relative is having challenges taking care of themselves is when their hygiene starts to become noticeably a problem. Whether they have a different smell, or they look less “put together” than usual, it could be an indication that they’re having trouble taking showers and grooming. An assisted living facility has on-site workers who can ensure your loved one is clean and groomed every day without concern for hygiene issues.

Issues Driving

Past a certain age, driving can start to become a danger. Your loved one may not see as well as they once did behind the wheel, and as such, they can start to become a hazard to themselves and others. Professional care workers in an assisted living facility ensure that your loved one has transportation to any of the places they may require. 

From family events to medical appointments, you can rest assured knowing they can safely get there without having to drive on their own.


If your relative has fallen recently, that it’s something you should take very seriously. Even if it’s a small fall today, it could be something much more serious tomorrow. 

Broken hips and collarbones are some of the most common injuries in older adults, that are almost always caused by falling alone in their own home. Around the clock assisted living facilities ensure that your loved one has all the tools they need to get around from one point of the residents to another. 

From hand rails, to walkers, to a steady hand to hold, you can rest easy knowing your grandma or grandpa won’t take a fall.

We all want the best for our loved ones. Even though we might like to believe we can take care of them in their old age, it isn’t always realistic with our jobs and family. If you start to notice any of these signs, then you might want to start exploring the idea of assisted living care for your loved one.