How To Run a Great Bulk Email Campaign That Actually Works

In 2020, around 306 billion emails were sent and received, and this number will only rise with passing years. Emails are considered a reliable and effective source of communication. Businesses have been using emails as a marketing channel to get information about their product or new offers to potential customers, partners, or suppliers. You can even use a bulk email service to send these emails to a targeted audience, whether it’s an offer, a personalized message, or an update about your product.

You can encourage the recipients to do business with you or buy from you through the contents of that email. However, if you are unaware of the right strategies and the dos and don’ts of email marketing, there’s a chance your campaign might fail. So, it is vital to get some information on how you need to run a great bulk email campaign that actually works.

Here’s what you need to run your email marketing campaign:

Catchy Subject Line

Internet users receive hundreds of emails every day and disregard most of them because they sound bland and non-interesting. So, what will make the users decide not to ignore yours too? What will be strong enough to convince them to look through the email?

The first thing that a user gets to see is a subject line and an intro text. When the user is scrolling through his emails, your subject line should have a strong enough presence in their inbox that catches their eye instantly. This means you need to put effort into writing a creative but precise subject line representing your email’s content to boost your open rate.

Innovate Layout

You had a killer subject line, but when the user opens the email, their eyes land on a clunky layout that is full of content and where nothing makes sense. Would they want to stick around and read through that complex design, or would they just shut the email and move on? Most likely the latter one.

For that reason, while designing the layout for your email, you need to ensure that it should be innovative and aesthetically pleasing but not crowded. In addition, the content and the design of the email should be clean and understandable at first look.

Adding an aesthetic appeal to your design is vital to hold the attention of the recipients. Besides this, you need to also keep in mind that this email will most likely be opened on a mobile phone, so the design should be mobile optimized.

Short And Focused

If you’re sending out an email, remember that this isn’t the last email you’re sending to your recipients, so don’t try to cover too much in a single email. When you do that, you will hardly be able to convey information about even one part of it because the reader will get confused and exit the email – nobody likes long and complex emails. There are chances they might even report it as a spam email.

Consequently, you must structure and write the email in a way that is understandable for everyone and cover one topic at a time. The more you’ll try to cover, the more you’ll mess up. Use few but creative words so your readers will love to hear from you again instead of reporting you.

Avoid Spam Triggers

The biggest failure of an email campaign is when none of your emails get to your recipients as they are automatically sent to their spam folder. To avoid ending up in a spam folder, you need to eliminate spam words you may have used in the email.

Today, it has become much easier to detect spam words than it used to be back in the day. So make sure that the tone of your content is realistic and sounds natural instead of spammy.

Use Call To Action

The whole point of running a bulk email campaign is to convert leads into customers and get more engagement. If you don’t add a call to action to your email or your call to action is irrelevant, the customer might just read the email and close it clueless, and your whole campaign will go fruitless.

So, you need to put a clear and relevant call to action in your email that directs the recipients to your ecommerce store.


You can do so much with bulk email campaigns if you know how to utilize them at maximum capacity. You can drastically boost your revenue and establish your brands’ image by running a successful bulk email campaign. 

Moreover, with the tools available today, you can automate the entire process of segmenting the recipients and sending out emails to the relevant users. So, you can achieve the desired result of the campaign with a minimum investment of time, effort, and finances.