Moving 101

Are you in the process of transferring to a new place of residence? Trying to do it on your own can be pretty challenging. If you feel a little overwhelmed, the advice in this article might be able to help.

1. Moving Checklist    

The first thing you must do is create a plan of action. By organizing your steps, you can eliminate many mistakes. The fewer mistakes you make while you are moving, the easier the process will be.

Signing a Lease:
Before you move out of your current home, do you have a new place lined up? We recommend signing your lease before you get your stuff out of your current place. That way, you don’t end up without anywhere to go.

Packing Your Things:
We suggest packing your things up as soon as possible. Much of the stress that comes with moving is a result of procrastination. The quicker you begin, the fewer headaches you will have.

Switching Your Information for Documents and Services:
How many times have you moved to a new address in your life? Most people only move a handful of times. Each time you get a new address, you’ve got to remember to update your information. For example, you should contact Pa Power Switch to update your info. Then, do the same with all your important services.

2. Moving and Packing Tricks and Tips  

Packing your stuff up is the biggest obstacle when it comes to moving. How do you know which things to pack first? We suggest starting by packing the things you do not use.

Donate What You Can:
You should also consider donating anything possible. How many things do you have in your home that you do not use? Unfortunately, many of us spend a lot of time bringing you useless stuff to our new places. As you are packing up your things, create a pile of stuff you haven’t used for at least one year. After you finish packing, get rid of the stuff that you haven’t used. Why would you keep things that are just sitting around and collecting dust anyway?

Unpack Stuff You Need First:
Once you arrive at your new home, it is time to begin unpacking. You might not want to unpack everything all at one time. If this is the case, unpack the things you need to use the most first. Then, you can unpack everything else.

3. How to Move on a Budget  

What causes people the most anxiety about moving? The answer should be obvious. It is the budget. As long as people can afford all of the help they need, moving is trivial.

Friends and Family Are Vital:
A huge portion of your budget will go to pay labor. Even if you only need to hire one or two people for the day, it quickly adds up. By far, the easiest way to reduce your labor costs is to get your friends and family to help.

Think About a Yard Sale:
Instead of taking all of your things and donating them to charity, try holding a yard sale. It accomplishes the same result and helps you get rid of unwanted goods. Plus, it brings in a bit of extra money that you can put towards your moving expenses. Every single dollar that you get is another dollar that you don’t have to find later.

Moving: A Beginner’s How-to  
Moving is something everyone has to do at some point in their life. Coming up with an excuse to avoid helping your friends move is so common it is a trope. As long as you create an action plan ahead of time, you can avoid the most stressful parts of moving. Before you know it, you will be comfortable in your new home.