3 Things to Get Rid of ASAP That Are Taking Up Too Much Space

Maybe you’ve downsized into a smaller apartment recently. Or you’ve been in your house for a while and kept on adding to your pile without getting rid of anything.

For whatever reason, you’ve noticed you have too many “things” and not enough space to relax.

Clutter is a Universal Problem

You’re not alone. Clutter chaos is an issue all over the world.

The average person accumulates possessions over time without realizing exactly how much unnecessary stuff they have.

Think about it. How many times do you throw something in your cart at the store and then never actually use it after you get it home? 

Impulse buys are one of the main causes of clutter. You could also be holding onto things for sentimental reasons or because you might use them in the future. 

The Problem Has an Easy Solution

Eventually, the pile of clutter you have becomes so intimidating that it stresses you out to even think about dealing with it.

It doesn’t have to be a headache-inducing, stressful process, though. All you need to do is tackle your clutter strategically. Start by getting rid of these three things that are taking up too much space. A clean, organized home will follow!

1. Kitchen Miscellanea

The number one place where we accidentally accrue clutter is the kitchen. It’s also the simplest place to start tossing out unnecessary junk.

Pull out your clutter drawers, empty the fridge, and check out the cupboards. Do you have a lot of plastic silverware, sugar packets, unused canned goods, and to-go condiments sitting around?

Unless you know you use them regularly, why not donate them to a good cause? Organizations like Packages From Home collect sealed condiments and plasticware. The donations are compiled into care packages and sent to overseas military or given to homeless or transitioning veterans.

After you get rid of all of these little items, you’ll be amazed at how much extra space you have.

2. Duplicate Items

You thought you didn’t have one, so you got a new one. But then you found the one you already had. Oops.

A friend was throwing away a perfectly usable (insert item here), and you knew you could use it, sell it, or find someone to appreciate it. You never did, though, and it’s taking up space.

It doesn’t matter why you have duplicates. It’s time to get rid of them. 

Grab a couple of big boxes or garbage bags. Use one for things that aren’t in good enough shape to give away. Put anything you can donate or sell in the other container. 

Here’s the important part: Make sure you put them outside your door when you’re done piling everything up. Otherwise, if you put the sell/donate container in a closet somewhere, you may forget it’s there.

3. Unused/Damaged Items

A general rule of thumb to use when decluttering is if you haven’t used it in a year, you don’t need it. One year is long enough to get you through all the seasons and holidays that occasional items come in handy for.

Go through one room at a time with two different bags or boxes, as you did with the duplicates. (You can use the same containers if they’re not that full.)

Single-family homes, like those at Christopher Todd Communities, are becoming more popular today. If you live in a rental house, don’t forget to scour your garage, too. It’s the default place to store “junk” you want to ignore for a while.

Set Your Eagle Eye on These Unused or Damaged Things

Check for unused or damaged clothing and get rid of each piece. It may be time to replace your socks and underwear anyway if the elastic is weak or there are holes.

Look for things like receipts, old bills, unworn shoes, and broken glasses or electronics. Donate what you think would be usable and toss the rest.

You’ll likely run into things that have sentimental value. Ask yourself if you have to hold onto the real thing or if a picture of it would be the same thing. 

Someone else may enjoy that same item more than you do. Why not give it another home where it can make another person just as happy?


It’s surprising to see how much space you save by getting rid of the little things. It’s those small items that slowly and innocently take over our lives.

When you knock out these three categories of clutter from each room, you’ll have an organized, relaxing environment to come home to.