Decorate Your Home With Popular Home Design Trends for Fall 2021

It’s almost that time of year again and we aren’t just talking about when we’re bombarded with pumpkin spice everything. The leaves are changing colors, the nights are getting cooler, and it’s time to whip out the fall home maintenance checklist! After preparing your home for the colder months, it’s also the perfect time to give your home that cozy feeling by decorating for fall. 

If you’re tired of using the same old fall decor, here are the top home design trends for 2021 for inspiration.

Earth-tone color palette

The changing leaves are a great source of inspiration when it comes to choosing an autumnal color palette. Yellows, oranges, reds, browns and dark greens not only bring that touch of fall into your home, these colors can be layered for an added touch of sophistication without overpowering one another. 

Ideas for using earth-tone decor 

Some ways you can use earth tones in your decor can be as simple as using a deep red table runner with mustard yellow napkins on the dining table. You could throw pillows and blankets on living room furniture in fall colors and use gold or brass accent pieces on tables to add a unique pop of color. 

Textured fabrics and materials

There’s nothing quite as inviting as a chunky knit blanket or velvet pillows on a sofa, don’t you think? Adding textured fabrics and materials not only add dimension and visual interest, they can change your home from feeling light and air into an autumnal sanctuary with very little effort. 

Ideas for using textured decor 

Other than using textured blankets and pillows in your decor, you can incorporate things like leaves, twigs, and gourds to dress up tables, mantles, and bookshelves. You can use metal lanterns on a burlap table runner and candles on pedestals of different heights to create a unique tablescape.

Rustic decor

When we think of autumn, we think of items that look like they came from a farmhouse. Rustic decor can include neutral throw rugs in ivory, shades of grey or brown. There’s a lot of wood elements like baskets, wreaths, clocks, and picture frames. You’ll see metal accents like wire storage bins, light fixtures, knick knacks. 

Ideas for using rustic decor

Rustic decor can be a year round design style, but it can also be a temporary trend, too. Some ideas for rustic decor include using rattan baskets filled with logs on the porch or near a fireplace (if applicable). Hang artwork in distressed wooden frames hanging an antique-inspired wall clock. You could also use wooden crates to create a new side table or storage unit. 

Cozy areas

Sometimes the simplest way to make your home feel ready for autumn is to create cozy spaces where you could curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. These cozy areas should include a blanket, warm lighting, a comfy couch or chair. 

Ideas for creating a cozy area

When it comes to comfort, you can’t go wrong by using throw blankets and pillows in autumnal fabrics like velvet, plaid, cotton afghans, and faux leather to create your cozy space. You can use string fairy lights on the side table, bookshelf, or to line a window if you have a window seat. If you don’t have a piece of furniture you’d like to use, you could choose large floor pillows too. 

Decorating for fall can help sell your house, too!

Having a home that’s tastefully decorated not only makes you feel good, it can also make guests feel welcomed too. This means if you’re selling your house and it’s decorated for the season, potential buyers will see how inviting the home could be. 

See, decorating doesn’t necessarily add value to your home when you sell it, but it is more about the illusion and feeling the decor creates. Your home may look like a million bucks, but when a buyer uses a home affordability calculator to see how much they can afford, they might be surprised that your home falls within their budget!