Tips For Transitioning Back To The Office

The Covid-19 pandemic is certainly slowing down – at least for now – in the U.S., and more and more businesses are  comes another potential disaster for your business – getting back to the office after the pandemic. This year’s flu season promises to be worse than last year’s flu season, which was basically non-existent, but new Covid-19 variants are expected to affect many areas of the country.

New variants of the virus have already been making their way throughout the country resulting in many people becoming severely ill.  It is still unknown how these variants might react to the vaccines, but it appears that the majority of those who are become sick are those not yet vaccinated.  So far, the ratio is around 95% of recent cases are found among the un-vaccinated, while only about 5% of the cases are  found in vaccinated individuals.  This is especially significant, considering that close to half of the US population over 16 years of age are now fully vaccinated.

 1. Pros And Cons Of Returning To The Office  

One of the best ways to avoid a disastrous outbreak is to return to the office on a limited basis. Many people and companies have grown accustomed to working remotely.  Some businesses report an increase in both productivity and employee retention if they are willing and able to continue with at least some portion of remote work.  

Some businesses have also been able to reduce overhead, as they have started to reduce both the size of their office space, as well as the amenities that are normally found there.

Other businesses that have not effectively made the transition to remote workers have insisted that their employees return full time to their central office locations.  Such businesses often report the loss of key employees that are either unwilling or unable to return to the old “9-5” routine.

While some employees are reluctant to return to their prior routines, others look forward to the return to normal.  Getting out of the house can have mental health advantages, and you might even be able to lower some of your household bills such as your Columbia Gas utility bill.

No matter where you or your business fall in this return-stay remote spectrum, there are things you can do to make the transition back to the office, either on a full or partial basis, safer and more comfortable for all concerned.

  2. Tips For A Smooth Transition Back To The Office 

If you do get back to the office as the pandemic subsides, there are a few things that all employees can do that will help.

First of all, you need to get vaccinated, for both the seasonal flu and for Covid-19.  These vaccines have been shown to be both safe and effective.  While there may be justification for procrastinating the vaccine if you are able to stay at home, and isolated, going back to work changes that calculation for everyone.  At work you will no doubt be exposed to others, both co-workers and even customers that are carriers of the Corona virus.  To keep both you and your loved ones safe, you must not become a vector for further transmission.  That means keep keeping a safe distance from anyone whose status you do not know, and being vaccinated.

Some companies have started to require vaccines for all of their employees as a condition of their employment.  While there are a few Union employees that may be exempt from such requirements, in most states the courts have upheld the employers right to impose such a condition.

It’s also important that you make sure your immune system is up and running. This will prevent the flu from affecting you again. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep each night. You should also exercise at least one hour each day, particularly if you’re over forty years of age.

It’s also suggested that you make sure you stay properly hydrated. Water is great for keeping your body hydrated. However, you should also take advantage of snacks. Your body needs certain vitamins and minerals, such as those found in fruits and vegetables. If you can’t eat something at a particular time, bring a water bottle.

The best way to go about getting back to the office after the pandemic is to start your daily routine earlier than normal. Don’t leave work until the first day after the pandemic. That way, you have plenty of time to recover, including resting. If you do need to leave work before the first day after the pandemic, make sure you take the stairs when possible.

 Last Words 

Getting back to the office after the pandemic is over might seem like a big inconvenience, but it really isn’t. Remember to take care of yourself before you head back to work. Make sure you use the high quality back rubs that you bought and wash and dry your clothing as soon as you can. This will help to reduce the chances that you’ll catch the virus.