Online Platforms That Help Your Teen Succeed

The internet has progressed so much over the past decade or so that it’s almost unrecognisable – as well as a mine of information, there is so much software out there, so many digital business models and entirely cloud based professions that would have been beyond imagination just a couple of decades ago.

Although it has its pitfalls, there are so many things on the internet that are built to help people succeed – and if you’re struggling to reduce your teen’s screen time you can at least try to help them direct it to places that can help them to develop. Some of these platforms have a social aspect, but within a productive community.

Online creativity platforms

If your teen likes to create artwork, they might enjoy art based platforms like deviant art which help them to show off their artwork and network with other artists, exchanging tips and offering amd receiving feedback. This is a great way to help them find a productive way to socialise online, aas they will connect with others but they will be developing their skills in a treasured and useful hobby as well. This doesn’t have to just be drawings; any kind of visual artist will find a community on deviant art.

Similarly, music software platforms are a place where your teen can share their music and receive constructive feedback from other community members, allowing them to meet like minded people as well as enjoy their hobby.

Online revision rooms

Although more archaic student chat rooms like studentroom have died a death, there are plenty of places your teen can hang out online which discuss academic problems like revision tips and college applications,where your teen might find some useful ideas on studying more effectively or choosing a college to go to.

Online Driving Tests

This is a particularly productive way your teen can spend their time online – by practicing their driving test online. This will prep them really well, and when you go to get your permit you can feel really confident knowing you’ve prepared as much as you can with the practice tests.

So there you have it; in this day and age, it’s impossible to keep them off the internet. Apart from the fact that it’s where their social lives live, it’s also almost impossible to effectively take part in the requirements of daily life without internet capabilities nowadays – from researching a paper to organising a ride to school. What you can do is help them tailor the time they spend online to be as productive as possible.