5 Design Tips For Military Challenge Coins

The military challenge coin is a tradition that dates back to WWI. Soldiers would carry coins with them in their pockets and present them to fellow soldiers they met for the first time.

One thing that has remained the same over the years is how much our country’s servicemen treasure these coins. This article will give you five tips on designing your custom challenge coins for your business or organization!

Consider the Function of Your Coin

Consider what your challenge coins will be used for. Will you present them to new employees? To clients at a trade show or conference? Do they need to be personalized, such as with an individual’s name on it or their contact information?

How about commemorative in nature, like a memorial coin that has been made before someone dies so it can represent them and honor their contributions when they are gone?

Determine The Purpose Of Your Coins

The design process starts with determining what purpose your custom military challenge coins serve. What is the focus of the design going to be-is there one military branch you want to represent more from the military?

Consider The Audience Of Your Coins

If you are presenting them at a military conference, for example, there may be certain aspects of the design that need to be taken into account.

Suppose they will only be used by your staff members and not given out as gifts or sold externally. In that case, you can simplify things considerably-but if it is intended for external use, such as with clients or other people outside your organization, you’ll want to consider what type of coins would best suit their tastes.

Selecting the Metal for Your Military Challenge Coins

Copper, brass, and bronze are the most popular types of metal for traditional coins-copper are a little more expensive, but it has become very trendy in recent years.

You can also get them made out of silver or gold if you want to go that route, and they work well with designs like military seals. You don’t have to limit yourself, though. You could give some away as prizes at your next company picnic event while using something different for branding purposes.

Understand The Symbols And Colors That You Might Use On Your Coin Design

The United States Army uses many different symbols on their medals; these include but are not limited to Eagles, Oak Leafs (Army), and Stars (Navy). The Army also uses the color blue prominently on such symbols.

The United States Navy uses eagles in their medals and awards, often incorporate laurels or oak leaves to symbolize bravery. They use bronze metal for these coins with gold embossing accents.

Suppose you are looking at your military challenge coin design from an outside perspective. In that case, you must consider some of these aspects to ensure every aspect of the medal meets those expectations.

Using Military Challenge Coins

Military challenge coins are a great way to promote your military service and provide tokens of appreciation for those you serve with. These coins can be created by an individual or made in bulk and distributed among the troops that deserve recognition.

A single coin design might have many different variants, which helps ensure every person who receives one will see themselves on it at least once since these symbols change from time to time based on rank and achievements. They may also find themselves immortalized in such a way when their insignia changes over time.