5 Ways To Make Money When You’re Injured

When your body isn’t in the right shape to be able to work a job, you need some way to continue bringing money into the household.  Your financial needs don’t pause for your body to heal, and getting behind in your bills will only add insult to injury.  

It’s best to stay ahead of the game, and dig into some research on your options.  Take a moment to read through a few suggestions to help you make money while you’re injured, and start working to relieve your financial worries today.  

Get compensation for an injury that wasn’t your fault

If you acquired your injury through no fault of your own, you need to file a personal injury suit against the offender.  If you were injured on the job, you should be receiving workers’ compensation while you are unable to work.  

Don’t let your financial situation become dire before making the move to forward your case.  Talk to a lawyer today, and get the ball rolling.  You’ll have your compensation in no time.  

Sell your garage clutter 

You likely have some things lying around the house that don’t really get the use you thought they might.  Letting go of your extra clutter doesn’t hurt, and it could put quite a pit of money in your pocket.  

If you’re injured and out of work, take the time to sort through the things you’ve been “meaning to get around to” sorting.  Use sites like Craigslist or LetGo to post and sell your items, and you’ll have successfully stirred up a small bit of income.  

Get a job working remotely

If you can’t work a physical job, put your mind to work.  Try your skills online, and find a remote job that suits your capabilities.  If you’re a writer, try writing for a content marketing agency.  

If you are good with arts and crafts, you could sell your work on Etsy.  You could also stir up some extra income by taking surveys online.  The point is… if you have access to the internet and a computer, you can make money.  

Rent a room out in your home

Services like AirBnb give you a chance to make money with the comfort of your home.  You could rent out space in your home, and make money without ever having to strain your body.  

Become a pet sitter 

If you have the heart and patience for the furry friends, you could make money by pet sitting.  People always need someone to watch their animals while they’re away.  All you have to do is find your market.  Do some quick research, and your house will be host to furry money-makers in no time.