A Guide to Living and Working in Thailand

While we would all agree that Thailand is an amazing country, a tropical paradise with a low cost of living, and for that very reasons, Bangkok is one of the big tech hubs, where digital nomads live and work. If you are lucky enough to make a living online, Thailand would be a great place to stay, after all, they have European standard Broadband Internet, and with affordable condo life, you can enjoy a great lifestyle.


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Workstations in Bangkok

If you are going to rent a condo in Bangkok, there are many coffee shops where expats gather and work, thanks to the free Wi-Fi, and these casual workstations are everywhere. You can always take a trip to the southern islands, as they have great Internet speed, and the thought of working on a tropical paradise island is very appealing. When you move into your condo, you will need indoor greenery with pots and plants, which will add a vital touch of greenery.

Rent or Buy?

Sadly, Thai law prohibits foreigners from owning land, but you can purchase a condo unit and there are some stunning developments with swimming pools, fitness centres and restaurants. The reason Bangkok is so popular with the expat online community is the cheap accommodation, for a couple of hundred dollars per month, you can live in a fully furnished condo and enjoy the millionaire lifestyle of having everything at your disposal. It is wise to rent for the first year, then you can decide the best location for your condo unit. If you want hi-end apartments, Bangkok has many, while the mid-range is also very attractive.

Thai Culture

The Thai people are famed for their friendly hospitality and Bangkok is a shining example of this, and regarding hi-tech living, many expats are shocked to see Bangkok on a par with Europe, with top shopping malls and a mass transit system that takes you to anywhere in the city. Thai food is another bonus and whenever you do fancy a nice steak, they have fine restaurants with imported meats, plus the nightlife is something else! For more info on Thailand, click here.

There is a lively expat community that consists of people from all over the world, so you’ll have no problems making new friends, and while you run your business, you can enjoy the many aspects of Thailand.