Understanding What Cops Carry On The Beat

In light of recent events, it is clear that education can be a very powerful force.  The miscommunications and misconceptions people have of law enforcement can find some relief by simply enlightening citizens.  

The police have a big job in terms of keeping peace and safety within society, and that means they need certain tools in close proximity at all times.  Take a moment to dispel the unknown, and check out a quick look at all the tools police officers carry on their utility belt.  

Police officers carry a weapon

Everyone knows that police officers in the United States carry a gun, but it helps to know exactly what they have on their belt.  Most police in the U.S. carry a glock firearm on their belt.  

An officer’s firearm is a final line of defense, and law enforcement is trained relentlessly on when and how to appropriately draw a weapon in the line of duty.  

An officer’s radio is crucial

Every police officer has to carry a standard issue radio to keep in contact with dispatch and other officers in the field at all times.  Law enforcement officers face a range of nefarious situations in the field, and it’s vital that they remain connected with one another for added protection.  

One of the most influential strengths of law enforcement officers is that they work as a pack.  An officer’s radio is his or her lifeline whenever a call takes a turn for the worse.  

Pepper spray is for protection

When police officers have trouble with noncompliant criminals, sometimes they have to use force.  However, a lethal weapon is not always the answer to the confrontation.  

Police officers carry pepper spray to help subdue over-excited individuals.  Pepper spray is by no means a pleasurable experience for the person being sprayed, but it doesn’t cause lasting harm.  

Handcuffs are a part of the job

Everyone knows that handcuffs are a necessary tool for police officers on the job.  A police officer’s utility belt typically has at least two places designated for handcuff storage, but some belts can carry up to four sets of cuffs.  An officer has to have the ability to quickly restraint an offender during an arrest, so their cuffs are easy to remove from their belt.  

Flashlights help illuminate the situation

If you’ve ever seen a flashlight shine through your driver side window, you know police officers have a special need for such a tool.  You can’t let the darkness hide things in an intense situation, and a flashlight is a simple but crucial tool for police.  

Taser is a nonlethal line of defense

When police need to stop an offender from fleeing the scene or partaking in dangerous behaviors, they have a taser gun to turn to before ever pulling their firearm.  The standard police taser will take nearly anyone to the ground in seconds, but tasers are nonlethal.