YEAH! Local Advises On Bing’s New Webmaster Tools

Companies of all shapes and sizes are being forced to digitize their operations like never before now that social distancing measures have put a serious damper on interpersonal commerce. For many entrepreneurs, this has allowed them to reimagine their brands by providing a new, digital experience that customers love more than the old, stale operation they used to rely upon. For others, however, this digitization process is intimidating, especially if you know little about information technology and search engine optimization.

When Bing announced new Webmaster Tools features, for instance, many entrepreneurs didn’t know what to make of this development. Luckily, experts at YEAH! Local are advising the rest of us on Bing’s latest innovation and how to make the best use of it for commercial purposes.

Understanding Bing’s Webmaster Tools 

It’s worth reviewing what Bing’s Webmaster Tools are for those entrepreneurs who are relatively unfamiliar with the tech scene. To put it simply, this is a set of tools that Bing has provided to help entrepreneurs and digital gurus assess the search engine optimization (SEO) of their websites. Bing’s recent announcement indicates that the new version of Webmaster Tools is cleaner looking and easier to navigate than ever before, which will be a serious blessing for those business professionals who aren’t particularly tech savvy. 

So, what does YEAH! Local have to say on how you should go about leveraging these fascinating tools for the sake of bolstering your business? First and foremost, entrepreneurs who aren’t yet convinced of the commercial power of SEO should review the compelling reasons as to why this technology is the way of the future. Companies that don’t optimize their search engine performances will be unappealing to many customers, who seldom linger long on search results pages but instead click on the first few links they see. 

In the era of social distancing, having a robust web presence is more important than ever, largely because in-person business likely won’t return to normal levels for months to come – if ever. Failing to ensure that your website is clean and easy to navigate will lead to eventual commercial failure. This is where Bing’s new Webmaster Tools upgrades come into play. 

Yeah Local’s advice

The experts at Yeah Local advise you to familiarize yourself with the new user interface, which is easier to navigate because of its cleaner, more natural design. You should also familiarize yourself with Site Scan, an automated process that searches your website to identify common SEO mistakes which could be impacting your company’s performance in the search engine results department. This tool doesn’t just help your company perform better on Bing, but also on other search engines like Google, which is why it’s particularly worthy of your attention.

Besides using Bing’s new Site Scan feature, you should also check out the competitive link analysis tool that Bing added a short while ago. Tech experts praise this feature because it allows you to compare the backlinks of your site to those of your competitors. Rely on these tools, and your SEO performance and commercial growth will be far better in no time.