Simple Techniques to Expand Your Readership and Enhance Your Personal Blog

Developing a personal blog can be your gateway to an internet following and a new life as a writer. The internet is thriving and as more people seek to take advantage of the medium, competition for clicks, views, and subscribers will only continue to ramp up. Today, we are going to introduce you to a few easy and actionable tips that you can implement to develop your personal blog while expanding your readership.

While there are no tried-and-true methods for becoming a viral sensation, the following pieces of advice can enhance your personal blog immediately.

1) Research Your Blogging Platform – If you are trying to achieve success as a personal blogger, you are going to need to station yourself on a winning platform. There are a variety of ways to establish your own blog. You can upload and host the software yourself or you can subscribe to a third-party client such as WordPress. Clients like WordPress offer advanced functionality by way of widgets to let you really fill out your blogging experience.

Tip: Research blogging platforms before settling on a home.

2) Develop Proper Blogging Practices – You need more than just a great blog to find success as a personal blogger. In fact, you will need to put together solid content for your audience. Look at this example of well-written blog post practices, the author uses mixed-media, an alluring headline, and SEO content practices to fill out the post. In doing so, this blogger has crafted a piece of content that can succeed and thrive organically on the internet.

Tip: Learn about SEO content curation and follow updated best practices for the field.

3) Cater to Consistency – You can find chain restaurants in every major city on the planet. Why? Customers enjoy knowing where to go for exactly what they are looking for. The consistency of these major chains allows customers everywhere to rely on their products. In that same way, you need to cater to consistency with your blog. Pick a topic, set a schedule, and try to stick to both concepts as often as possible. As you become a reliable force of content creation via your blog, your audience will learn to trust your content while returning to read more of it.

Tip: Set a content schedule and pick an overarching topic for your blog to focus on. By sticking to your schedule, you can develop an audience that trusts you.

4) Be Careful About Monetization – The final topic that we want to cover is monetization. If you are crafting a personal blog, you might want to monetize your content. There are a variety of monetization tools ranging from advertisements and sponsored posts to affiliate marketing. When you first begin developing your blog, be careful about where and when you introduce monetization. Audiences are fickle when it comes to monetization, so you have to introduce the concept gradually.

Tip: Don’t rush to cash in off your viewership. Integrate monetization metrics in a subtle way.