Tips For Putting a Modern Twist on Your Rustic Log Home

So, your new log home has been your natural oasis. You might be living closer to nature, and your home certainly has a more rustic feel than most. However, rustic might not be your decor taste.

By adding modern decor into your house, you can add stylish contrast to your new space. The sharp modern elements will compliment to natural look of the exposed logs and create a home that is uniquely you.

Need some ideas to get started? This guide will provide some tangible tips to create some modern decor. The result will be a bright, contemporary, and inviting space for you and your guests to enjoy.

Add metallic elements

Since log homes are made of wood, the inside has a warm feel. But metal is just the opposite. Add metal light fixtures, tables with metal legs, and even stainless steel appliances to create a sharp contract. Brass plumbing fixtures and metal sink basins can have the same effect.

Just be sure to spread these features out around the home, so the metal won’t overwhelm the room. You likely still want the cabin to retain a sense of warmth and a rustic ambiance.

Add pops of color

You might associate a neutral color scheme with a log home, but you can get creative with color to make the space more modern. Colorful cabinets, a bright rug, or a bold couch can break the decor expectations for log homes. If you’re looking for ideas for colors, you might even look to the natural environment.

The log home restoration Florida residents complete might take inspiration from the blues of the sea and deep greens of the plant life. Homeowners in the Southwest might pull oranges and pinks from the mountains and sunrise. This trick can keep the house’s ties to nature while allowing you to get creative with color.

Keep shapes simple

One of the hallmarks of contemporary home design is simple silhouettes. Choose couches and chairs with smooth lines to offset the solid of the wood. Many contemporary furniture pieces are more functional than fluffy.

Remember that color plays into simple design as well. You might consider pieces that are one solid color or a basic pattern rather than elaborate. These pieces will make each room sharp and stylish while retaining a comfortable atmosphere.

Contrast natural elements

Natural elements are a part of both contemporary trends and traditional log home design, so have fun with creating duality.

Add warm and rustic rugs, throw blankets, and pillows which contrast with a sharp marble coffee table. Choose a large wooden table for your eating area and hang a minimal light fixture to balance out the space. Express yours style through these elements, taking risk in each room by bringing bits of the outdoors into your modern design.

Think bright white

When in doubt, bright white elements can give each room a modern touch. Add a white counter to your bathroom to brighten up a smaller space.

Choose white couches for your living room to break up the wooden tones. Install white cabinets and countertops in your kitchen for a clean and crisp style. A sense of monochrome throughout a room can be highly modern, but you can also have fun by adding pops of color and warm tones.

Your log home offers an opportunity to embrace rustic living and get creative with classic style. However, you should never sacrifice your fun and modern style. Whether you want to create an entirely contemporary look or add small modern touches, there are plenty of ways to experiment with your taste. With time, you will create a space that feels just like home.