4 ways to stay awake behind the wheel

Modern life is so hectic and fast-paced, it often leaves us feeling tired, drained, and ultimately lacking sleep. It’s a difficult balance, even more so if you have young children to care for. Most of us muddle through, trying to hit deadlines and tick off as much as we can on our to-do lists before finally heading to bed for a few hours. However, did you know that your lack of sleep could be putting your life at risk? Especially if you get behind the wheel of your car. 

Driving whilst drowsy or tired is incredibly dangerous. Our reactions are slower, we cannot focus or concentrate on the road ahead. Each year there are a high number of car accidents where the person at fault was drowsy behind the wheel or had even fallen asleep – click the link if you’re looking for a car accident lawyer

The idea of falling asleep behind the wheel is terrifying, to say the least, so with this, in mind, I’ve gathered 4 ways to stay awake behind the wheel. 

Avoid alcohol

It goes without saying that driving whilst drunk is not only a bad idea, it’s also illegal. However, even a small amount of alcohol in your system can dramatically affect your ability to stay awake and alert behind the wheel. 

Don’t drive alone

If you’re planning a long drive, then consider taking someone along with you. Not only can you take it in turns to drive while the other rests, but you can also help keep the other person alert. 

Take plenty of breaks

You might be on a tight schedule, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise your safety, if possible, arrange breaks throughout your trip or just stop when you feel the need to. Pull into a layby and have a nap and stretch your legs. Or book a motel or B&B in advance and stop overnight.

Get enough sleep!

Of course, we know it’s not easy. But if you know you have a lot of driving to do then you should make getting a full nights’ sleep a priority. Try to get 8 hours or take a few naps during the day to keep your energy levels high. If you’re struggling to sleep, just try to relax and avoid anything too strenuous. 

Know the signs

Look out for the following signs of drowsiness:

  • Can’t keep your head up
  • Slouching
  • Yawning repeatedly
  • Drifting into other lanes
  • Can’t remember driving the last few miles