Reasons You Would Need an Employment Law Attorney

Most people think of an employment law attorney as legal teams that represent businesses and employers. In actuality, they help employees as much as they do the companies they work for. These highly trained individuals are experts in handling workplace disputes as well as advocating for your rights. Here are five reasons you might need the help of an employment law attorney.

1. When Reviewing a Job Offer

It isn’t uncommon for companies to sneak hidden clauses into their job offers and employment contracts. They might promise you pay or a position that turns out to be untrue, or simply short you on the wages you deserve from the get-go.

Employment law attorneys ensure that your potential salary and benefits are set in stone before you take the job. They also help with non-compete, non-disclosure, and severance agreements. Employees are always allowed to negotiate the conditions of their hiring, and having a lawyer on your side helps you claim the best contract possible.

Recently, wage dispute attorneys in CA have levied the state’s legal system to secure twice as much back pay during lawsuits. If you feel like the business you work for is ripping you off, it’s always worth seeing if you have a case.

2. Discrimination and Harassment

One of the top reasons employees need to hire an attorney is harassment and discrimination in the workplace. It’s a rampant issue, but the law is on your side in these instances. An attorney can review your situation and help you take the best legal course of action.

3. Wrongful Termination

If you’ve recently lost you job due to termination or even a layoff, hiring an attorney is highly recommended. Not only can they look for signs of wrongful termination, which happens more often than you might think, but they can also help coach you on how to approach new employers with this information.

A lawyer for a medical leave case in California recently showed how a change in state law terminology affords workers the right to time off and compensation benefits could help employees protect their rights. Not only that, but how the FMLA and CFRA provide job security during medical leave. Regardless of your state, there are protections in place from wrongful termination.

4. Conflicts in the Workplace

Whether it’s between a boss or a coworker, conflicts are bound to happen at work. Most are small nuisances, but those that disrupt your ability to work productively often require legal mitigation to resolve. Employment lawyers coach you on how to act to keep your job while working to remedy the root cause of the conflict.

5. When You’re Retiring

It has become more common for workers to retire early, but employers aren’t always happy to doll out retirement deals. Hiring an attorney helps you create an exit plan that creates a smoother transition while also fighting for deals that will sweeten your new job status. They can also help you acquire severance pay when necessary.