Shared Space Solutions – 4 Reasons To Choose Coworking Over A Traditional Office

Coworking spaces and shared offices are cropping up in cities all over the US and around the world. With modern technology, certain kinds of jobs can be done remotely, allowing people the freedom to work from anywhere. It’s up to them to choose whether they work from home on their laptops or while sipping a latte at their favourite café.

However, sometimes you need to get out of the house to focus or the wifi signal in your favourite coffee shop isn’t the most reliable. Coworking spaces have become a solution to a very modern problem. The phenomenon of shared office space is not just a trend anymore, it is something that is well and truly here to stay.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons why a coworking space is a better option than a traditional office space.

Lower Costs

One of the main reasons to choose a coworking space over a traditional office is the lower costs involved. If you need an office set up from which to do your work, you’ll need to sign a long-term locked-in lease for commercial space. More unattainable still, you may even have to invest in actual real estate. This can be a huge barrier to entry to those with limited capital or for those who simply don’t need an entire office building from which to work, for example, a solo entrepreneur or freelancer. Freelancers or virtual assistants usually tend to use low cost solutions such as windows virtual desktop from a desktop as a service provider to work remotely as per convenience in a coworking space due to its ease of access and super-fast team collaboration using add-ons like Skype for business online which makes their freelancing work much more simplified.

By choosing a traditional office space, you’ll also need to incur all the costs associated with running an office such as installing phone and internet lines, buying office furniture as well as monthly electricity and maintenance fees. By utilising a coworking space from a premium service provider you’ll have access to fully-fledged office space for one low monthly fee. 

Flexibility With Simplicity

For those just starting out in business, or those trying out working remotely to see if it works for them, it can be quite an uncertain time. By not having to stress out about signing a long-term locked-in lease or contract for a traditional office space, you’ll have the utmost in flexibility. Having the freedom and flexibility to use a coworking space on a month-to-month basis gives you great peace of mind. With your mind free from the distracting worries of not being able to afford office rents if your income next month isn’t what you projected or if working remotely doesn’t turn out to be everything you expected, you can more easily focus on getting down to work.

Instant Access Without Delay

With traditional office space, you would have to spend quite a bit of time scoping out potentially suitable spaces, and then waiting for furniture and hardware to arrive as well as waiting for phone and internet lines to be installed and set up. When you sign up to a coworking space, everything is fully kitted out and ready to go from printers to high-speed secure internet connections, as well as access to boardroom and meeting room facilities on a pay as you need basis. As we all know, in business time is money and this instant access leaves you free to get down to business straight away. 

Access To Support Staff

Premium coworking spaces come with secretarial staff and administrative teams that you can use to help you out with the day-to-day task of running a business. They will also offer access to an in-house IT support team meaning that any internet or technology problems will be solved instantly by the requisite professionals.

Shared Space Is The Clear Choice

With instant access to a fully-fledged office space, complete with support staff for one affordable, flexible monthly payment, it’s easy to see why coworking spaces are fast becoming the future of workspaces.