Combat Arms Earplugs May Have Placed Veterans at Risk

The number of dangers military personnel face are vast. While your mind may race to soldiers under fire and the dangers of combat, one less considered side effect of time served is hearing loss. The U.S. Military provides earplugs to protect those in uniform during their duties, but do they work like they should?

The Case Against Combat Arms Earplugs

Soldiers trust that the equipment they are provided will work properly. However, 3M recently came under a class action lawsuit for their Combat Arms Earplugs. Known by the company as CAEv2, these earplugs were sold to the Defense Logistics agency when 3M knew they were too short to create a proper seal in the user’s ear.

The CAEv2 is a reversible device that works as an earplug one way and a sound filtration device when turned around and reinserted. Neither side of their design functioned properly, leading to hearing loss and tinnitus. Anyone serving in the military from January 2006 to December of 2015 may be affected.

It is unclear how many service members are affected by these flawed devices. However, what started as a defective Combat Arms Earplug lawsuit in Louisiana and other states has turned into a 9.1 billion dollar settlement.

While the earplugs are now discontinued, 3M continues to deny the defect or take any responsibility for the damages done. Regardless, it is clear that their construction was too short to work properly. That means you or someone you know is entitled to part of that 9.1 billion dollars if their hearing has been affected in any way by these devices.

The Damage

Hearing loss and tinnitus are just two of the damages caused by 3M’s Combat Arms Earplugs. Any damage to your ear canal from exposure to loud noises constitutes your right to compensation. If you’ve experienced any discomfort, ringing, or hearing loss, don’t hesitate to take action.

On your own, it may be difficult to determine if your hearing has been affected by 3M’s earplugs. An attorney can review your medical documentation or help you obtain it, then use that diagnosis to show your hearing damage was caused by Combat Arms Earplugs. Having a legal eye to help review your condition makes a world of difference.

How to Get What You Deserve with a Personal Injury Lawyer

While 3M may not admit their wrongdoing, the class action lawsuit against them has forced them to pay veterans and active service members for hearing damage. The first action these men and women can take is to hire a personal injury attorney.

Despite the lawsuit being in effect, it helps to have legal representation on your side. The makers of Combat Arms Earplugs are fighting tooth and nail to cut their losses. Having an experienced lawyer on your side ensures you get the compensation you are entitled to.

You can also become a part of a class action lawsuit by calling 1-866-211-4118 or signing up through Don’t wait to take action, either. The sooner you pursue compensation, the sooner you can pay off medical bills or find relief from your pain.