Knowing Your Second Amendment Rights

If there’s one topic that confuses most Americans, it’s the second amendment and the legalities surrounding ownership of weapons. Although many citizens understand that it is part of their national freedom to own, operate and safely store a weapon, many aren’t privy to the specifics regarding firearm legislation. If this describes you, here’s a basic oversight of how the second amendment works for United States citizens.

What Does “the Right To Bear Arms” Mean, Really?

Our founding fathers wanted citizens to be able to, should matters call for it, defend themselves against tyranny and corruption from outside sources or unruly governments attacking their inhabitants. Given that Americans were coming out of a war with the British, it’s no surprise why the creators of this nation were up in arms — no pun intended — about legalizing the right to possess weapons.

But how does the right to bear arms translate into our modern era? Although Americans are in no immediate danger from another country launching an attack on U.S. soil, the ability to protect oneself against a USA crime from civil disputes occurs daily.

Whether an individual lives in a high-crime neighborhood or a suburban setting, having a weapon to protect themselves is essential for peace of mind and quality of life. In these instances, a self-defense law known as castle doctrine takes effect.

Castle doctrine, also known as ‘stand your ground,’ states that an individual is legally allowed to use deadly force if they find themselves in a position where their lives, or the lives of people in the area, are in immediate danger from an outside attacker. However, every state has its own version of this law, and each reader needs to consult with their state’s legislation.

Similarly, many citizens rely on their weapons to put food on the table and rid their property of unwanted pests, such as coyotes, overflowing deer populations, raccoons and so on. In this case, the right to bear arms not only gives these citizens a means of protecting themselves from other individuals who wish them harm, but it also eliminates scavengers from ruining their land. Without the right to bear arms, their property and quality of life would be dictated by the will of mother nature.

And, oddly enough, there seems to be a downward trend of violent crimes that involve the use of a firearm during the ordeal. Political opinions aside, it seems that responsible gun usage has been on the rise since the 90s, while irresponsible and criminal behavior associated with gun use is decreasing with each passing year.

How To Be a Responsible Gun Owner

Being a responsible gun owner is a combination of education and hands-on training from a firearms professional. Similarly, new gun owners must realize that each state, region and county has different regulations surrounding the second amendment.

Should you find yourself confused or wanting to know the specific details surrounding your city’s second-amendment law, reach out to a knowledgeable attorney immediately. These individuals will give you a broad picture of how gun laws work in your area and how to approach the topic of practicing your second-amendment rights safely.