Explore Canada’s Natural Beauty at These Amazing Destinations

Canada is one of the finest places in the world to visit if you love the outdoors. From coast to coast, Canada offers destinations that are perfect for adventurous travelers, the family’s looking to see the world, and couples trying to get away for a romantic vacation. No matter who you are traveling with, if you want to see the natural wonder that Canada has to offer, you need to keep on reading. Today, we are going to highlight three incredible nature-driven destinations throughout Canada. Pack a suitcase and a camera, you are going to want to document this trip!

1) Gull Harbour – Located on the tip of Hecla Island, Gull Harbour is an incredible destination for nature lovers from every corner of the globe. The area surrounding Gull Harbour is filled with all sorts of natural wonder. From the historic lighthouse on the tip of the island to the trails that weave through the area, highlighting local wildlife, you’ll never run out of beautiful sights to take in. Or the opportunity to hunt game in the area, just make sure your AR-10 rifles are loaded and ready for the adventure. When you are in this beautiful wildlife region, make sure to spend time at the Marina. The owner of Gull Harbour Marina has worked hard in order to outfit his business with the tools that you’ll need to enjoy time out on the water. Whether you want to ice fish in the winter or hang out in the bay during the summer, you’ll be able to find the professional help that you need. While you are at Gull Harbour, we suggest taking a trip to visit the historic Hecla Village.

2) Banff National Park – Another great option for nature lovers is a visit to the Banff National Park in Alberta. Banff National Park is one of the most revered parks on the planet, as well as the top destination in all of Canada. This park system was established in 1885 which makes it the oldest national park in Canada. You’ll get to see Lake Louise, the Icefields Parkway, and any number of snow-covered mountains. There are so many sights to see while in Banff that you’ll need to really stay moving to enjoy it all. Banff is just as fun during the winter as it is during the summer, so you’re good to visit whenever you want.

3) Pacific Rim National Park – Our final natural wonder to visit in Canada is the Pacific Rim National Park. The Pacific Rim National Park is famous for the captivating views that you’ll find at Long Beach. There’s a 10-mile stretch of beach that can be enjoyed by surfers who are looking for a challenge and sunbathers alike. Explore any of the numerous hiking trails in the area, just don’t forget to bring a camera!

No matter what you are looking to do in Canada, make sure that do some research. Canada is a diverse country that is filled with national parks to enjoy. We’ve highlighted three great destinations, now it is on you to go and explore them!