4 ADA Requirements that Every Kitchen Should Have

Having access to a functional kitchen is important for anyone. Unfortunately, for those that are struggling with a disability, accessing all parts of a kitchen may not always be possible. For those that are looking to make their kitchen more ADA compliant, there are four improvements and ADA requirement upgrades that all kitchens should have. These can help to make it more accessible for anyone.

Wider Doors

One of the most important upgrades that will need to be made for a kitchen is to have wider doors. Standard homes today will have door frames that are no more than a few feet wide. For those are in a wheelchair, this is often not enough space to move through. When you are trying to make the kitchen more accessible, you will want to have door frames that are at least four feet wide, which will allow for enough space. This can help to ensure that anyone is able to get into the kitchen without having to worry about squeezing through the frame.

Ramp to Get Into Kitchen

There are many types homes that will have kitchens that require you to take a couple steps up from another living space in the home. If this is the case for you, it is important to ensure that the kitchen is accessible for anyone that is in a wheel chair or will struggle to get up some stairs. Ideally, you should have have a ramp built with an appropriate grade that can allow someone to move up the stairs. Having a chair lift built onto the side of the railing or wall to get into the kitchen is also an option if a ramp is not practical.

ADA Compliance Sink

The kitchen sink is an important part of any kitchen as it will be used for cleaning and food preparation. To ensure that it is accessible, you will want to have an ADA compliant sink put into your kitchen. One of these sinks has a downward slope from the front of the sink, which provides space to move underneath the sink. For someone that is an wheelchair, it can provide plenty of space to sit and use the sink for any purpose necessary.

Appropriate Storage

When you have a kitchen, you will want to have plenty of storage for kitchenware and food. While having high cabinets is a practical option for some, it continues to be important that you provide those in a wheelchair with the ability to gain access to cabinets and storage space. This can include making sure that there is ample storage located close to the ground and that it is easy to open. The storage doors should be able to be opened with just one arm and using a lever system could also help make the cabinet more accessible.

Those that are looking to make their kitchen more accessible for everyone will need to make certain ADA upgrades to it. These four ADA requirements can help to make the kitchen more functional and accessible for everyone.