What Makes Organic Cannabis the Better Choice with Lowell Herb Co.

With the world’s population increasing sharply over the past century, the farming industry has transitioned over, and agricultural businesses have felt the pressure to meet the demand for food and thus gave into more modern industrial methods of farming. This relies on a higher means of mass production with less consideration to the earth and to the product itself.

The quantity has been a bigger priority than quality, with many farms turning over to mass production. While toxic substances became a normal addition to form production, a new movement has risen in recent times, with some farmers aiming to provide healthier products without additives. Today, a number of producers are opting again for quality over quantity, and instead of focusing on mass production, their attention shifted. Marijuana is a widely used substance and has joined this new trend as well.

Having been illegal for a long period of time, a lot of people don’t take into consideration the way the plant itself is grown. There are certain downsides when it comes to non-organic cannabis. The plant can carry chemicals and toxins, such as piperonyl butoxide and bifenthrin, which are common toxins that are found in the soils that are being used for mass-produced farming. In addition, plants that are grown non-organically can be laden with salts and with heavy metals, which have a negative impact on its makeup.

In the opposite corner, organic marijuana comes
with a number of benefits, not only to the consumer itself but to the
environment as well. The process of growing cannabis organically is not
manipulated, which means that the plant will grow the way it is supposed to. As
a result of this, the soil will maintain its shape, due to the fact that the
ecological balance prevents pest problems or problems related to the soil’s
fertility. The habitat will take care of its problems naturally, which means there
will be no need for heavy bug eradication.

When it comes to the consumer, organic marijuana
comes with better taste, flavor, and potency. Marijuana that has been fed with
soils that were filled with toxins will take a hit when it comes to the taste of
the product, but the plant that was organically grown will be naturally
inclined to come up as nature intended it to. Being left to its own devices,
the organic plant is optimized when it comes to flavor and aroma, as it
produces the right amount of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and terpenes, which in
turn give the plant it’s characteristic smell.

It’s important to take note that organically
grown marijuana is also safer to consume. Since the plant became legal in a
number of states across the United States, many farmers rely on pesticides when
growing it – which ideally are meant to help keep away hazardous weeds and
animals and also yield more crops. However, plenty of growers use dangerous
pesticides. When inhaling cannabis that was grown non-organically, the smoke
that gets inhaled contains not only THC and other cannabinoids, but also
dangerous chemicals. Organic marijuana helps keep health risks at a low level.

About Lowell Smokes

Lowell Smokes are packs of pre-rolled joints that
come in varying blends. The plant that is used for the joints comes from Lowell
Herb Co., which is an organic cannabis farm based in California, established
back in 1909. The farm owned by Willian “Bull” Lowell was closed in 1913 when
cannabis became illegal in California, but was later re-opened. Nowadays, the
family of farms under the Lowell Herb Co. umbrella continues to follow “Bull”
Lowell’s tradition of growing cannabis naturally, with its flagship product
being a huge hit in the state of California. Lowell
is sold in over 300 dispensaries across the states, contains
7 joints, and the packaging is modeled after cigarette packs. Lowell Herb Co.
was founded in 2017 and has grown in popularity with its popular weed flower
crown that went viral after Coachella.