Analysts Discovered Main Pros of Web Scraping for Small Business

Increasingly more information appears on the internet today. Seed Scientific predicts that over 460 exabytes of online data will be created daily by 2025. This trend causes permanently growing competition among e-business owners. And surviving in such a severe commercial environment is becoming more complex every day.

The described tendency is especially true for small companies. Specialists from advise such firms to use data extraction services to stay competitive. And to prove the high effectiveness of web scraping, the experts even developed a list of the main pros of online info collecting for small businesses. So, let’s dig into the details of these advantages. Tips on How to Improve Your Small Business Using Data Extraction

Competitive intelligence is one of the most efficient tools to enhance your rivalry level. Forbes states that 73% of enterprises globally spend nearly 20% of their budgets on such analysis. Data mining, for its part, can make the competitive intelligence process simpler, quicker, and cheaper. The latter factor is particularly significant for startups.

Web Scraping for Pricing Optimization

Specialists from recommend tracking the prices of products or services your rivals offer using data extraction bots. The robots are able to essentially accelerate the mentioned process. For several minutes, online info-collecting apps may handle the scope of data, which a live employee would process during a few days. So, you can replace an entire analytics department by employing web scraping software.

Seeking New Customers Effectively

Personal info is defended by laws of most countries worldwide. However, it’s mostly allowed to scrape information about customers of competing e-stores. After all, consumers specify their private details voluntarily in this instance. So, in most cases, it’s enabled to collect such info.

All you need is to get contacts of your competitors’ customers. This enables entrepreneurs to send engaging letters or make calls to attract those consumers to purchase items or order services from your site. But remember, never publish third-party personal contacts or analytical articles based on such info.

Better Risk Assessment

Nannostomus experts believe web scraping may essentially improve the accuracy of the specified type of analysis. That’s because data-mining bots are able to consider many more factors when assessing risks.

Let’s say you are going to add an innovative product to your range. Huge and middle-sized enterprises are at lower risk in such cases. This is due to those companies typically having financial cushions as well as pretty large budgets.

Small firms, in turn, may go bankrupt if a chosen innovative product isn’t in demand among their targeted audience. So, you essentially reduce the probability of ruin when employing web scraping software in the described case.

How Expensive Is to Use Data Extraction Services?

The price of web scraping bots’ maintenance depends on the following factors:

  • types of websites from where info is going to be collected;
  • kind of information you need to gain;
  • amount of data that is necessary to mine;
  • necessity of additional functions implementation.

Anyway, Nannostomus analysts state that even small companies with modest budgets can afford web scraping bots.

Wrapping Up

In the opinion of specialists from, data mining may help small businesses get new customers, reduce risks of ruin, better manage their pricing, and even become more competitive. At the same time, web scraping services excel at affordable prices. Thus, any small business owner can use data extraction software.