A Brief Guide to Great Internet Service

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The market is full of internet providers that over promise and under deliver. Sometimes it’s the high price and slow speed, sometimes it’s the reliability and sometimes it’s the after-sale service. Investing in an internet plan requires a lot of in depth research and comparison. We know how hectic switching from one internet provider to another can be. Living in a technologically advanced world, we’re pushed to adopt a more digitized way of living.

Why Should I Invest in CenturyLink Internet Plans?

Most of the time, when we look at internet providers and their plans, we feel obliged to invest in a plan that ‘looks’ good. But in reality, we fail to realize that some deals are too good to be true. People spend a lot on an internet plan that promises fast speed and excellent reliability, however, when the time comes and 3 or more devices are connected to the device, the speed gives up entirely, causing longer loading times and buffering.

CenturyLink Wi-Fi service is not only fast and reliable, but it’s quite cheap comparatively. If you’re looking for the ultimate smooth internet experience, investing in one of the CenturyLink internet plans won’t be a bad idea at all. Being the 3rd largest DSL provider in the United States, the internet service strives to provide a smooth and enjoyable internet experience to its subscribers. 

CenturyLink Fiber and CenturyLink DSL have transformed the reach and growth of the network itself. The high-speed DSL connection works effortlessly in urban areas and that too, at relatively low prices! The Fiber, on the other hand, was introduced with limited availability but grew drastically across the country with its ultra-fast optic connection.  

The reason the network stands out from the crowd is because of its ‘Price for Life’ guarantee. The prices of all CenturyLink internet plans up to 100 Mbps will not change after every 12 months. The pricing model of the plans is consistent throughout, offering subscribers the guarantee and value of the service they’ll receive. It means no more switching from one network to another in search of high-speed internet AND cost-effectiveness.

How to Choose the Right Internet Plan?

The internet has become our only source of connecting with the outside world through the confines of our home. A slow internet connection ruins any chance of connectivity happening. The last thing anyone would want is interruptions; especially when they’re working from home. Without a fast and robust internet connection setup, results and productivity cannot be guaranteed in this digital age. It has become a necessity.

One of the most important technical resources that play a huge role in our everyday lives is the internet. A slow internet does not and cannot help you achieve your goals. Nevertheless, choosing the appropriate internet provider and internet plan can be a challenge in today’s time. There are so many options out there and you want to make sure you don’t invest your money and efforts into something that won’t benefit you. So what exactly do you look for before spending your money on a plan? You evaluate your needs and choose a plan that fits you best. 

  • 15 Mbps: This is the lowest CenturyLink internet speed plan you can get your hands on. It’ll cover all basic internet activities there are; from texting to surfing to call, you can easily stay in touch with the outside world with this plan.  
  • 20 Mbps: download all your music and videos fast with this speed. Connect up to 2 devices and enjoy smooth browsing!
  • 80 Mbps: From HD streaming to lag-free gaming, this plan supports it all
  • 100 Mbps: This speed is perfect for endless downloading and 4K HD streaming. It’s the fastest standard CenturyLink plan yet
  • 940 Mbps: this one is called the CenturyLink Fiber Gigabit. Stream your shows in 4K HD on more than 3 devices and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience without care.

The CenturyLink network is dedicated to enhancing your online experience. It offers a secure and wireless Wi-Fi, 24/7 technical support, Price for Life guarantee, and zero-fee charges after installation. Choose CenturyLink internet now and fulfill all your digital needs in one go!