Get Your Holistic Nurse Certification

If you are a nurse and you are one of the many that have been turned off by the consequences of the pandemic, you may be looking to get out of nursing completely. Unfortunately, as many as 1/3 of nurses surveyed plan on quitting [1]. There are plenty of things that are driving passionate nurses away from the profession. After all, it’s an exhausting job. A traditional nurse has a high chance of burnout. They are overworked and underappreciated. Worst of all, they are limited in what they can do for their patients. Many nurses get into the profession because they want to help people and make a difference. Modern medicine doesn’t allow nurses to do that. Instead, they are forced into managing symptoms and doing things that don’t truly make their patients better. This can lead to less satisfaction with already demanding and difficult jobs. However, you don’t have to leave the nursing profession entirely. There is a better way forward where you can leverage your skills as a traditional nurse. 

By switching to holistic nursing, you can make a difference in your patients’ lives. You get to control how you care for your patients. You can help them truly heal and get better. Best of all, you can enjoy a better work-life balance. This can keep you from burning out and from losing your passion for helping others. You might think that you don’t have options, but with a holistic nurse certification under your belt, you have a multitude of options to work as a holistic nurse or nurse health coach. 

Not sure how to get started? 

– Get Certified

The first thing you will need is to acquire your holistic nurse certification. This is a certification that proves you’ve gone through the training in a defined area of practice. In this case, it would be in holistic nursing. While you don’t necessarily need certification to start working in the field, it’s a good idea to do so. It showcases your commitment to your clients to provide the best care. It showcases that you are serious about delivering at the highest standard. It also will look good on your resume if you are looking to work in a traditional establishment as a holistic nurse. We offer the chance to get board-certified as a holistic nurse through our Transformative Nurse Coach Certificate Program. Our program is certified by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC). 

Why The Nurse Coach Collective? 

– We Are Nurses

We know how difficult being a nurse is and what it entails. We also know how difficult it can be to make the transition from traditional nursing to holistic nursing. That’s why we created this program to help with the paradigm shift. We knew there had to be a better way to help our patients. We didn’t want to continue embracing the ineffective methods that relied on symptom management. We wanted to help provide our patients with the best care possible and we weren’t able to do that within the traditional system. Not to mention, we also experienced the same burnout that many nurses are facing. We left our jobs and sought to develop personally and professionally and we studied nurse coaching and holistic nursing as a whole. We learned what we needed to provide better whole-health care for our clients and now we are seeking to help traditional nurses do the same thing. Our Transformative Nurse Coaching program is designed from the ground up by us. We are nurses which makes us uniquely qualified to help. 

– Our Style Is Conducive To Learning

We utilize a very effective 5 pillar teaching model. This model was developed over the years to provide the best rate of success for our clients. We start by shifting your mindset. We help you learn a new way to think about nursing and health. We then surround you with all kinds of like-minded individuals. You need to be surrounded by a community of supporters who not only believe in you but also your ideas. We then provide you with the skills needed to apply your theories to your own life and into practice. We then provide you with real-life examples of nurse coaching and offer you feedback where you need help. We then help you learn how to take action on everything you’ve learned through our 7-month program. 

– Plenty Of Testimonials

We strive to help all of our clients better their lives. We know there is a need for more holistic nurses to shift the healthcare industry. You can look at our testimonials as proof we know what we are doing. If you want to get into holistic nursing, you can get your holistic nurse certification through our program. It’s designed to help you get your holistic nurse certification by leveraging your traditional nursing knowledge and skills. 

Here at The Nurse Coach Collective, we want you to succeed. We try to do everything we can to ensure that our clients end up making a successful transition. We provide you with all of the tools and resources needed to make the jump. If you are ready to become a holistic nurse or a nurse health coach today, you can contact our friendly professionals at The Nurse Coach Collective and start your path to earning your holistic nurse certification today.