Talkspace Launches Relationship With Cigna

Talkspace is an online global leader in behavioral health. It connects thousands of individuals with therapists who help them deal with their issues regardless of their location or situation. This can be done through video calls, voice messages, and engagement in video sessions. The platform also provides psychiatry services, including adolescent therapy and couple counseling.

The employees work tirelessly to ensure that they have given their customers the best service. This has led to rising volumes of interests from health plans and members. Due to their customers’ dedication in service, they were recognized and honored with this year’s med-tech breakthrough award for the best overall mental health solution. Covid-19 has intensified the need to access behavioral health care as most people cannot meet the therapist. This has led to an increment in the number of clients registering with insurance, making the relationship with insurers deeper. Cigna has added Talkspace to its developing list of telehealth offerings as guarantors expand further to giving mental wellness to their virtual supplier networks.

The services offered are beneficial since most of those who have used it confess that they would prefer online therapy over traditional therapy. They claim that online therapy shows improvement after a few weeks. Their services are also very convenient as you can access them from anywhere and at any time using the web or mobile phones without having to leave your job.

Their workers (therapists) are licensed and have long-serving mental health experience with the know-how of various issues such as trauma and couple therapy. Since the sessions occur online, they have ensured that their communication is secured, and therapists adhere to the set professional code and client confidentiality.

Talkspace is typically less expensive than face-to-face therapy, and the client has several means of payment options. Clients are also guaranteed that they will get responses from their therapists at a specific time. In this way, therapy has been put in the palm of their hands, and clients can share their thoughts and challenges any time they wish.

This online platform helps you identify the right therapist who will help you solve your issues without getting into the hands of the wrong therapist. Out of their platform, you can choose a therapist based on age, race, gender, or religion based on the issue you want to be assisted in.

Having an online therapy is efficient in determining whether your therapist is effective. If not, you can be in a position to easily switch from one therapist to another whom you find the worth of sharing your information with. Switching to a new therapist helps one build confidence with the person you are opening up to.

It is not complicated to join the platform as you only have to chat with a matching therapist to identify the right therapist. Upon getting one, you plan on the right and convenient payment plan for you. With improved technology, people are switching to online therapy. With online therapy, you don’t have to wait for days or weeks for your next appointment as you have access to it anytime you need it.

In conclusion, people opt for online therapy to best suit each person regardless of their work program. People have seen it working and thus proven that it is possible to do therapy online and heal. Its convenience and effectiveness build the client’s confidence. Therefore, it is wise for those struggling with issues to get a therapist who will make them come out of their struggles and make things simpler. All you have to do is register on a reliable platform that offers quality services.