Become A Holistic Nurse Now

When most people think about healthcare, they think about going to a doctor to treat a symptom they are having. This is what modern medicine has become. The focus on symptom management has dominated the medical industry for countless years. There’s little focus and emphasis on preventative healthcare. Likewise, there generally isn’t a sentiment about how whole body care is impacting one’s health. Instead, the pure focus is on what you are experiencing and how to treat the symptoms.

This has led to more and more medical professionals looking for better ways to serve their patients. To get into a field like nursing, you truly need to have a passion for helping others. When you are constantly having patients walk in to treat symptoms only to come back with other symptoms, you start to see what modern healthcare truly is. It’s ineffective and it is in drastic need of change. That’s where holistic medicine comes into play. As a nurse, there are ways for you to help patients through holistic methods. Becoming a holistic nurse can provide your patients with better care. 

What Is Holistic Nursing?

According to the AHNA, holistic nursing is the process of healing one’s whole person and not just their body [1]. Meaning, instead of the insistent focus on healing one’s prevailing symptoms, more attention is taken to what’s causing the symptoms and how you can help the body heal the root issue directly. The body is a mighty thing. However, the body’s healing powers are minimized by unhealthy lifestyle habits, poor diet, and more. 

Holistic nursing has been classified as a nursing specialty since 2006 [1]. The biggest difference between holistic nursing and traditional nursing is the approach taken. As mentioned, a holistic nurse is going to be tasked with helping a patient truly heal. When a patient comes in with symptoms, direct action will be taken to address the root and underlying cause that’s resulting in the present symptoms. In modern medicine, a traditional nurse would simply look at the symptoms and address them solely. 

Why Become A Holistic Nurse?

– More Control

A big reason a lot of nurses are looking to make the transition to this nursing specialty has to do with the amount of control they gain. A nurse is generally in the field because they have a genuine interest in helping their patients as much as possible. When you are in a profession that is limiting your ability to do so effectively, you may be seeking alternative options. As a holistic nurse, you get to regain that lost control which helps you help your patients in a much more rewarding way. You get to work directly and closely with your patients to address underlying conditions they may be experiencing and help them with preventative healthcare more than focusing on symptom management. This added level of control can provide you with a lot more satisfaction than you would have a hard time getting as a traditional nurse.

– Become More Well-Rounded

As a nurse, you are likely always looking to learn and become more desirable as an employee. One of the best ways to do this is by learning new specialties. The field is getting increasingly competitive and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. As more and more nurses enter the workforce, you need to continue to demonstrate your value as an employee. One of the best ways to do so is by specializing in something like holistic nursing. It’s a growing field that bodes well for your employment opportunities down the road. However, it’s also going to put you in the driver’s seat to potentially starting your practice or consultancy too. There’s so much opportunity for growth in your career when you become a holistic nurse. You can position yourself very well for the near future and the long-term outlook of the nursing profession.

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3. We Do It

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