JD.com Announces Exciting New Partnership with Hasbro and Paramount

The largest retailer in China, JD.com partnered up with Paramount Pictures and with Hasbro in order to celebrate the release of the new Transformers movie entitled “Bumblebee” in China. The plot of the movie is set in the year 1987, with Bumblebee being on the run and finding refuge in a small Californian beach town in a junkyard. Bumblebee is found by Charlie (played by Hailee Steinfeld), who is close to turning and 18 and trying to figure out her place in the world. Charlie manages to revive the broke and battle-scarred Bumblebee and thus learning that what she discovered is not a simple Volkswagen vehicle.

It’s not the first time the Jingdong platform has partnered with Hasbro and the Transformer franchise, as the two joined forces back in 2017, releasing a mini short entitled “Mission Red”, which saw Red Knight (a Jingdong exclusive Transformers character) and Optimus Prime fighting in order to protect the energon fuel source.

In order to accompany this year’s celebration, a series of 3 mini shorts will be released, featuring Panasonic and Chinese menswear HLA brand. The shorts will see Red Knight once again fighting to protect energon. Hasbro alongside Jingdong are also bringing the Red Knight character to life, with the creation of an action figure of the exclusive Transformers robot. The action figure is available only on JD.com, and was released on December 29, 2018.

Moreover, Jingdong also launched a sales promotion entitled “Super BUMBLEBEE Day”, which coincided with the premiere of the film in China on January 4. More than 300 million of JD’s customers were able to purchase during that promotion Bumblebee themed merchandise from HLA, Panasonic, Hasbro, and other brands. In addition, to fit with the theme, JD outfitted a number of boxes and delivery vans across China with Bumblebee designs.

About Jingdong

Established in 2004, the retail platform is one of the biggest in China, with a market value of $60 billion USD and 167,000 employees at its 500 logistics centers. The company is able to deliver products in Beijing in as little as 3 hours. Overall, according to the founder of the company, 57% of the orders placed on the platform are delivered within 6 hours, while 97% are delivered in 10 hours. Besides its Chinese delivery infrastructure, the company also delivers worldwide.

Joybuy is operated by JD.com and is responsible for connecting China with the global consumers. Joybuy offers a wide selection of high-quality, authentic Chinese products, with speedy delivery and at competitive prices. The platform adheres to the same core values of reliability and authenticity that are defining the shopping experience at JD.com, the platform aiming to provide consumers around the globe a robust and innovative eCommerce platform through close cooperation with the Chinese suppliers.

Being the largest eCommerce platform when it comes to revenue, JD.com provides a world-class level set of online retail services to its customer base. JD.com is also a publicly traded company, being listed on the New York Stock Exchange since May of 2014, in the exchange’s biggest floatation that year. In 2015, the company recorded a GMV of $71.4 billion USD (the equivalent of RMB 262.7 billion), as well as net revenues of $28.0 billion USD (the equivalent of RMB 181.3 billion) – the latter number representing an increase of 58% compared to the year before.

Being a technology-driven company, Jingdong focused a considerable amount of effort towards the development of a scalable and robust platform, which supports the rapid growth the company showed but which also allows JD.com to provide cutting-edge services and technologies to its partners as well as to its customers.